Sunday, March 25, 2012

March Visitors

We've had lots of visitors thus far for the month of March! First, my friend, Jessica White, came to visit over her Spring Break. She was the lucky one and had a few days of sunny weather to go walking around downtown Seattle. We had a great time - dinner at Anthony's Pier 66, toured the Fish Market, investigated the Underground tunnels of Seattle, and caught up on much-needed girl talk - including her upcoming wedding in September!
View from Anthony's Pier 66 (Seafood Restaurant)

Next, my father and brother came to visit for a full week. It worked out great for them to tour Seattle on their own the few days that I had to work because we had just purchased a third car! They visited the Seattle Aquarium and the Fremont Troll, along with the usual stops - Pike's Place Fish Market and the Space Needle. We all went to the EMP Museum for the Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix Exhibit and I think my Dad and David really enjoyed it! We also paid our respects when we visited Jimi Hendrix's grave. Our cousin, Evan, was even able to stop through from Spokane one weekend night for dinner before his St. Patrick's Day festivities. Yay for Taco Night!

David at the EMP Museum - "Christmas Tree of Guitars" as my mother called it

David visiting Jimi Hendrix's grave
We are looking forward to our next set of visitors - my cousins, Andrew Klein and his wife Lauren will be visiting the last weekend in March. We'll update you with more pictures!