Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guess where we are going......

We're going to Disney World!! 

Leaving tomorrow and going for 8 days, 7 nights, and staying at the beautiful Animal Kingdom Lodge! We are SUPER excited!!

And it's a good thing too, because Brock has some words for Tigger....

Saturday, June 22, 2013

And we're eating!!

From a spoon, that is! 

Very first time trying cereal

Not so sure about this...
But then we like it!
Yum Yum!
 And we are happy about it! Started him on rice cereal first and once Brock learned how to swallow instead of spit it out... we moved on to sweet potatoes!!
All done!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

A visit from Papa....

We had a great visit with my Dad this past weekend. It was Father's Day too - so I'm sure that was pretty cool for my Dad to be with his eldest child and first grandchild. :) It was a pretty relaxing visit - mostly hanging around the house and going with Brock's schedule, also because Brent and I ended up getting sick, so that wasn't very pleasant.

Between the time Brent was on the mend and my turn with the cold was just starting, we were able to get in a few things. On Friday night, we went down to Emerald Downs to watch the horse racing. Brent won once, but no one won big - even though my Dad's plan was to only gamble on the long shots.
There's a bear behind you Brock!
On Saturday, we traveled in to Seattle to walk around Woodland Park Zoo. It's not a big zoo and was just a perfect day for the three of us to walk and Brock to be pushed in the stroller.
Waiting for the hippo to surface...
Brent and the hippo :)
Brock ended up taking a little nap while we were looking at the lions, zebras and giraffes. But he woke up in time for the flamingos and penguins. I think those were his favorite because they were close enough for him to actually see. He loved watching those pink flamingos though!
Vanessa, Brock & Papa in front of the flamingos
And one more picture of Brock - he's getting so big and strong! He's able to keep his head up for so long now! ....And he still loves his fingers.
He loves his Tigger from Uncle Andrew & Aunt Lauren!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend with the Kleins!!

Lauren, Andrew, Evan and Kali
We had a wonderful weekend with the Klein Family! My cousin Evan is working in Olympia this summer, about an hour south of us (without traffic), so since we are so close, the rest of the Klein Family decided to make it a long weekend get-together.

The big event for the weekend was Brock's first Major League Baseball game!! We had tickets for the New York Yankees versus the Seattle Mariners and even though the Mariners lost, it was a great time. Brock scored some awesome Mariners gear from the Klein's and also a certificate from the Mariners since it was his first MLB game - he had to pose for some pictures showing it off.

Family picture with Mariner Moose
He was such a good boy; after the afternoon game we walked along the waterfront piers and went to a late dinner at Anthony's Seafood at Pier 66. The next day we all met back at our house and enjoyed some more Baby Brock time.
Great Aunt Carol reading to Brock
Lauren & Brock
Brock, the center of attention for the weekend

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Back to North Carolina

Brock and I had to fly back to North Carolina on May 20th so we could be there for my mother's surgery and recovery. The surgery went well and I think she recovered pretty fast - I'm sure looking at Brock's cute little face every day helped with that!
Brock, Grandma Debbie, & Mia
Brock and I tried to keep ourselves cool from the North Carolina heat and humidity by relaxing in the pool. He wasn't a fan of the big pool at my Dad's neighborhood, since the water was still too cold from the start of the season, but he thoroughly enjoyed the little baby pool we set up in the back of my mother's house. 
"Mom, keep my toes OUT of this cold water!!"

We all decided that Brock was ready for solid foods once we returned home to Seattle! He's really interested in our food!!

Brock enjoyed his visit to North Carolina. This time he was able to interact so much more and I think everyone enjoyed hearing his laugh and seeing his smile. 
We stayed in North Carolina for two weeks and although it was wonderful to spend time with all of our friends and family, we were ready to get back home to see Brent and the puppies!
"Get these blankets open!! I'm ready to sleep through the 6.25 hour flight from Miami to Seattle!!"