Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wild Animals!

Brock and I went to the Woodland Park Zoo on Friday to visit all the animals. Since we went on a weekday, it was much more quiet than the last time we went so it was nice to really have space and time to see the animals.

He really liked all the animals that he could get close to - flamingos (and ducks), penguins, and otters. I know he saw the bear too because it got soo close to us!
Unfortunately got this shot right as he turned to walk away
We were able to see some of the new babies at the zoo too!
Mommy Jaguar and Baby Jaguars
We joked with Brent that Brock was going to see more elk this year than his Daddy. ;) (Brent goes hunting for elk every year in November)

Then we came home to see some of our own wild animals. :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Washington State Fair

It's fair time in Washington State! I can't believe it's already time for the fair! To me, the arrival of the fair means the arrival of Fall - and that can't be - summer just got here!! Alas, it is getting cooler (like high 60's, low 70's) and the leaves have already started changing. I think I'm more excited for this year's change of the season for one reason - Brock will get to experience his first Fall, his first Halloween, first Thanksgiving, and before you know it, Christmas!! So, okay fine, we welcome Fall.... but don't come so early next year! :P

Had to wear our "country bib" to go to the fair! (blend in with the locals)
We had a wonderful family outing to the fair this year. It was a little crowded, but stayed just long enough to see the animals and get our Strawberry Shortcake scone from Fisher Scones (a 3 year tradition and running!). Brock saw lots of animals - cows, goats, llamas, alpacas, and horses. He was fascinated by all these big animals (that I'm sure looked just like bigger Diesels and Oscars to him), but he was equally fascinated by the gates, shovels and lights in all these oversized barns.... so... take that as you want.
A little horse butt anyone?
(Don't think that we didn't bring the stroller, he is way too heavy to carry around all day - we just figured maybe he could see more if we held him up.)

Football shirt from Cousin Katherin!
Our family was all ready for the big football game on Sunday night, and Brock was no exception! It was a nail-biter in the beginning, but the Seahawks pulled it out in the end to win 29 - 3 over the 49ers!!
"Come on Russell, you can pass the ball better than that!!"

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Zulily Call-Back

Brock's oh-so-sweet little face received a call-back to model at Zulily last Tuesday. I think the zebra print outfit ON TOP of the giraffe print blanket is just a little too much animal print for Brock.  We had fun with the experience again and they did give us a nice little baby board book this time (in addition to the $10 credit on the account every time we go).

But we did get some other pictures back that didn't make the zulily website from our first photo op. These are way too cute not to share!

This "Molly Pop" outfit was adorable on him. You couldn't really see his outfit from the little picture on the website (since he had to share his model debut with some other little girl!), so you can see how cute it looks on him now!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day weekend 2013 we did what Brent loves best....relaxed. :) But Diesel and Oscar moaned and groaned that they were cooped up in this house, so we hopped in the old Camry and drove out to Marymoor Off-Leash Dog park.
Oscar at his happiest..... alone with no other strange humans around
I think Brock really liked his view - except for one Great Dane that decided to slobber on the hood of Brock's stroller. Silly doggies.

Diesel did a little swimming, which I tried to capture on video.... emphasis on little. (Sidenote....those of you who get the email notification of my blogpost... you will have to go to the actual website to see this video - it will not come up in the email)

We had lunch outside Whole Foods - we had the entire family and had to go where everyone was welcome! Then it was time to return home for nap and star time. Yes, Brock is teething again, so he LOVES sucking on his star.
That thing was in the freezer two minutes before this picture was taken - cold cheeks!!
We also worked on a little leg exercises. It seems like crawling is right around the corner!! That came fast!!
Wonderful weekend, but way too short. It's great to be home though and get back to our routine. Hope everyone had a Happy Labor Day!


On our way back to Seattle, we stopped in Nashville to visit Brent's family. We stayed at Brent's parent's house and since Brandi, Brent's sister, and family live so close, we were able to spend so much time with Brock's cousins! Brock has two true cousins - Blaine, now 13, and Reagan, who will be turning 11 on Friday!
Brock was his typical happy self the entire visit, which I'm so happy about since he was a little cranky during their last visit in April. He found some good spots to snuggle up into!
Brock likes this spot on Grandpa
Yup, same spot. I think he loves this spot on Grandpa
We visited the Opryland Hotel in downtown Nashville, the largest non-casino hotel in the continental United States, so when I say we just walked to the restaurant and walked back to our car, that was enough of a hike for everyone!!
The best thing was just spending time together. Cousin love!!!
Reagan even made this really cool collage of pictures she took!! Awesome job Reagan!!

We had a wonderful time! Thank you Eason and Smith Family!

Katherin is in North Carolina!!

Brock and I headed back to North Carolina to see my cousin Katherin.... we figured she flew 7,335 miles from Burundi, Africa, (technically, stopping in Rome, Italy) we could meet her on the east coast. It was also so good to see my mother feeling so much better after her treatments. It was nice to get out and do things all together!
Our visit with Katherin was wonderful! We chatted about Africa, being moms, and just life in general. It was so nice to have so many days to spend with my big cousin! And so glad Brock was able to meet her - next visit we'll definitely have to see Amรจlie and Claire! 
Katherin brought Brock some little gifts from Germany, which was unbelievably sweet of her to do. One of the gifts was a German wooden Birthday Caravan. This is very popular in Germany as a decoration to display the child's age. Of course Brock wanted to eat all of the animals!
Mia was being a bad girl

This is what it should look like

It was a short visit, but we were able to spend a little time with Uncle David and a couple of my friends.
Ryan (Helen & Joe's son) and Brock
Ryan, Brock & Alexandra (Jill & Scott's daughter).... Brock was very intrigued with her shoes :)
 Finally, we couldn't leave Raleigh without a visit to the SAS cafeteria with Papa!!