Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last Day of 1st Year Toddler Class

Oh my, have you grown! At the start of the school year, Brock looked like a baby compared to his big boy, true preschooler look now! You can also see how much taller he is (hey, we are wearing all 3T now!).

We had a fun last day - they didn't have the typical stations out this time, but some different things - chalk (inside?), bee stickers on an easel, wooden blocks and wooden trains, etc.

It was fun to play with our friends one last time (we missed last week's fire trucks) before the start of summer. After a potluck snack/lunch, it was time to go outside!
The teachers had more things out there - bubble station, painting with water (pictured above), and some cars and trikes to ride around. Then it was time to leave. Quick last day of school, but it was nice to take it easy and say goodbye to our friends. Now, bring on summer!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Brian and Nancy's Wedding Weekend

Off we flew last week, back to North Carolina! The difference this time - Brent traveled with Brock and I traveled solo on a different route! Yippee! First time I was able to read a magazine AND take a two hour nap on a flight in over two years!

We arrived at my Mother's house on Wednesday and used Thursday to adjust to the time difference and help my mom with some last-minute errands.

Of course, Brent made time to see his buddy Adam on Thursday night. I think he had a little too much fun. ;)
Apologies for the "language", but this was the only picture of the two of them ;)

Friday we hit the road for Nashville, North Carolina.... with a lunch stop for some local eats - "Bojangles!!"
Practicing for the big day!
The weather was GORGEOUS! It had been in the 90's earlier that week, but Friday and Saturday both called for 79/80 degrees and lots of sun. Not as hot as North Carolina could be this time of year!

It was wonderful to see family we haven't seen in quite awhile at the rehearsal dinner and start meeting some of Nancy's relatives as well. Brock hadn't quite napped that day, so he was in a rare mood, but took a liking to the colorful balls on the pool table. Good thing everyone was a good sport about him when he INSISTED on holding the black 8-ball and carrying it around with him the entire cocktail hour.
That would be a slab of butter on his plate.....
We even got some time in with Uncle David!
The grooms cake - a surprise from Nancy to Brian - a recreation of their house in Annapolis (complete with "construction worker Brian" standing on the driveway)

After a sermon speech from my father giving marriage advice to the happy couple, we dove right in to our meal. Very nice salad wedge starter, finished with grilled pork tenderloin and horseradish mashed potatoes (others had salmon on a bed of cheese grits).
Following dinner, my mother unveiled the project she's been working on since January. A slideshow video of pictures compiled from family and friends set to music. It was perfect - encompassed the usual amount of baby pictures and kid pictures; following with pictures from college and while they were dating. My mother also included pictures of grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, and siblings from their wedding days - a really nice touch bringing the families together. It was so good, it received an encore and played at the reception too!

A wonderful start to the wedding weekend!

The following morning, we had to take advantage of Cracker Barrel being right next to our hotel!!!

Brock loves his Uncle Mike!
After a quick dip in the pool (a little too cold for Brock and my husband!), Brock was down for a nap. This was a necessity if he was going to complete his ring bearer duties later that evening!!!

Brock did okay. The wedding planner had me drop Brock off with the Bridesmaids before the ceremony so he could just hang out with them and feel more comfortable walking down the aisle with Chelsea, the maid-of-honor. Apparently, he just wasn't feeling it and had to be carried. He loved his ring pillow though - held on to it with his life! The smallest of the bridesmaids carried my 34 pound toddler down the stairs from the bridal suite of the Plantation house, out through the sun porch and around the house to the backyard where the wedding ceremony was taking place! Then proceeded to carry him down the brick path with her 4 inch heels! What a super-woman!

Brock stayed pretty quiet through the ceremony too - only started his "Do again!!" when the music started to play and Nancy and Brian turned to walk back up the aisle. We all have to remember - he's not yet 2 1/2 so he did really well for his age!

Nancy looked beautiful. Her wedding dress was tailored wonderfully and her hair was perfect. Everyone loved her flowers - they smelled great!! Her hair piece was made from a section of the dress.
Look at all the flowers surrounding the gazebo and hanging from the ceiling. Just beautiful!

Brian and his groomsmen were looking quite dapper too! I loved their tie colors and pattern! Very elegant for the event. 

Then it was time to party at the reception!! Brock was handed off to a babysitter and headed back to the hotel - kudos to Helen for recommending the best babysitter ever! She was great with Brock and even though I had never met Lindsey before this day, I felt completely confident Brock was in great hands! Thank you Helen!!
First Dance
After Chelsea (Maid-of-Honor) and Jesse (Best Man) gave their toasts, Brian stood up and gave one more toast to his new Bride. It was so sweet and right from the heart - good job little brother!
The Reception Hall was decorated amazingly (although the venue itself was gorgeous). The centerpieces of flowers immersed in water in tall clear vases reminded me of Jill and Scott's wedding eight years ago! After a nice light salad, Brent and I both chose the filet tenderloin with potatoes - delicious! Our table was fun; I sat with my older cousin Jeffrey and his wife Jenny, a high school friend of Brian's and her husband, and Nancy's step-brother and girlfriend. We laughed and talked all through dinner.

I guess we are getting old because we couldn't make it to the end. Oh yeah.... did I mention I was officially nine months pregnant that day? ;) I am so glad my doctor gave me the okay to fly all the way to the other coast to witness my brother marry this wonderful lady. It meant a lot they wanted Brock to be their ring bearer as well. I am so happy you two are officially married and presently enjoying sunny Antigua!

Sunday was more recuperating from our busy weekend. We had a full house for dinner on Sunday evening and an Oreo birthday cake for Brent. I can tell I was tired this day because I did not take any pictures of the family hanging out with Brock (nor did I really help my mom with my requested scalloped potatoes - sorry Mom, love you!). Regardless, it was another fun day just sitting and talking with family before our early flight out the next day. We'll see my mother again very soon when she comes out for the arrival of Baby #2!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Another Zoo Visit!

I was inspired to return to the Zoo today after playing with some zoo-themed Duplos last night with Brock. I figured it may be awhile for us to return there with a new baby! It was a beautiful spring day here in Seattle - high of 74 and sunny - so off we went!
Awesomely large Komodo Dragon
This visit was pretty nice. We saw some things that we haven't seen before (and skipped some of the usuals - like the monkeys).

The Tigers are a new exhibit - just came to Seattle May 2nd. They are three brothers - all born 2013 from the Little Rock Zoo. Brock was a little scared every time they walked by - the glass was nice and clean so it really looked like they were sooo close!
Very cool to watch, but they were quick to photograph!
We saw a snow leopard named Helen. (We saw a real one, then played on this one). Brock loved watching the Kangaroos jump - true to his toddler age, he proceeded to jump all the way out of that exhibit.
 We ventured down the "Northern Trail" to see Diesel's relatives (the wolves) and a few other animals - Brown Bears and American River Otters. Then Brock saw a bench, sat down, and matter-of-factly told me it was snack time.
After checking out the penguins, we stopped at the cafeteria for a nice brought-from-home lunch before continuing on.
Our last stop of the day was at the farm. He really wanted to see the cows! Then he asked to go and pet the goats! I thought for sure he'd be scared, but he went right over and pet them like dogs! Sometimes he surprises me!

A really great day at the zoo too because - NO stroller! Brock was awesome! He either held my hand or ran up ahead about 10 feet before looking back at me and stopping. No tantrums and he listened really well when I told him we were going to see another animal. My only complaint - he REALLY liked watching all the animals and wouldn't turn around when I told him to "look at mommy." (I guess he's on to me that means Mommy is taking a picture). So yeah - all my pictures of him with the animals are of his back!! Silly Brock, I love you!

Return to the Flight Museum

We all wanted to return to the Flight Museum now that the Airpark area was opened for First Thursdays. Just like last time, we met Brent at a local restaurant before heading to the museum. This time we tried out the "Runway Cafe" - it was interesting. Very cool view of the planes coming and going, but food was ehh whatever. They did have a cool pinball machine that Brock loved!

Then it was off to the Flight Museum!!

We first toured the Concorde - wow is that plane narrow!! I mean, obviously from looking at it, but you don't really understand just HOW narrow it is until you're trying to walk down the aisle from the inside!
Then we checked out the brand new Boeing 787. Our little Seattle Flight Museum was the first museum in the world to add the 787 to its collection.
We walked inside and walked around more of the World War I area we missed the last time and then headed home. We've been prepping Brock that he will be flying on an airplane with just Daddy this month, so between this, airplane library books, and general discussions.....hopefully he will be ready! :)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

March for Babies Walk 2015

The Eason Family participated in the March for Babies Walk downtown Seattle this morning. It was a beautiful day and it felt good to walk in Kensie's memory. Everyone behaved so well! Oscar walked so well with his thunder shirt and even though Diesel needed water before he even started the race, he finished strong too! Brock was really good too - he liked looking at the big buildings and all the other dogs on the walk. He's so cute - he asked "What's that, Mama?" pointing to the Space Needle.
I did okay on the walk - it definitely was a workout at 7 1/2 months pregnant pushing the stroller and just walking at our pace with the dogs, but I felt good afterwards! Brock and the dogs each had a hot dog at the end of the race to congratulate their finish (yes, since Brock worked so hard sitting in that stroller).
After a quick nap in the car on the way home, Brock was up again for more lunch. Since he never ended up taking a proper nap, we made the most of our day and headed to the neighborhood playground!
Our happy boy! A very fun day indeed!