Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kade's Newborn Session

Kade Thomas' newborn session was so fun - it was great to capture his little face at two and a half weeks old! The photographer is actually a neighbor and I love her style, incorporating family pictures with baby Kade.

Unfortunately, Brock was not 100% on board with this plan.

We managed to take a few good shots of unsuspecting Brock as he played on/with Daddy.

And then it was back to the main attraction!

Blanket from Julie Ann Petro - so soft!

Diesel found his way in to the pictures as well!!

Such a sweet baby Kade - he was such a good little model!


Next time, we'll get our family shots of four. ;)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Life adjusting to two...

It has been quite an adjustment to two! For the first two weeks, my mom was here helping and I don't think I realized just HOW much she really did help until she was gone! (Trust me, I saw a lot of it.... but she did a lot of behind the scenes stuff too!!) (Case in point.... it's taken me 3 days to finish this blog post)

How exciting, my mother actually brought presents for both boys!

My mom had lots of fun with Brock - really kept him busy while I could get adjusted to Kade's schedule.
Blurry because this was NOT taken with my fabulous Samsung S6
My mother took Brock to KidsQuest Museum one day so Brock could play with his most favorite thing ever - water! There was a lot of water play those two weeks! Anything to stay cool in the 95 degree heat (and no air conditioning).
Awesome pool Grandma.... which was, in fact, one of his presents ;)
Meanwhile, I was hanging out with Kade....

I think I've got to take more pictures of him without his favorite toy.... (only so you can see his cute little mouth!)
Oscar is not so scared of baby Kade - I think he quite likes the fact he can't move too much right now!
But we are all hanging in there, we have some good times....
I'll have you know, Brock poured all that ketchup (before I could stop him) and he didn't eat one lick of it!
And actually found a few quiet times.....

But we are very happy with our fabulous family of SIX!
Our first road trip with the WHOLE family