Monday, August 24, 2015

Brian and Nancy's Wedding.... with MORE pictures!

Brian and Nancy received their wedding pictures back from the photographer and because there are some absolute stunning pictures of my new sister-in-law and of course the handsome ring bearer Brock, I have to share them. Brian looks like a million dollars too! :)
Brother helping brother
I love these pictures of them getting ready. As a bridesmaid, I loved having that special time with the bride-to-be before the ceremony and the commotion of the reception.
And oh Brock, you're going to giggle when I tell you that once you hung out in the Bridesmaid suite before your Aunt Nancy's wedding!

It was so nice to spend a little time with my brother before he said his "I do's" that day!

I love that Brock is the only one looking at the camera!

After Brock completed his duty as ring bearer, he ran to sit on my lap and was such a good boy throughout the ceremony!

And what a beautiful ceremony it was!!

A beautiful addition to our family, as I'm sure they feel the same way about Brian!
Look - Kade is in the picture too! ;)

Then it was time to party!!

Cousin Jeffrey always a character ;)
 You better believe my 9 month pregnant self was out on the dance floor!! (....for the one song)

Brian has some moves too!! 

I think they're going to live happily ever after. :)

Two month old Kade

Kade turned two months on Sunday. Wow, time is really flying now with two little ones! This past month has gone a little smoother in the Eason home. Brock is still learning to adjust to sharing his Mommy, but for the most part, I can tell he really loves his little brother. Brock will say "Watch me Kade!" It's so cute he wants him to be a part of his little world. Sometimes it's not so cute though when he wants little brother to watch him and he's nursing or sound asleep....

Kade first smiled at Brent and I about two weeks ago. He has an awfully cute smile; perhaps I'm a little biased. Kade loves his Bjorn bouncer - what a good present from Papa, originally Brock's of course! We call the time from 7pm until bedtime the witching hour because Kade does not like to be on his own - you either have to hold him or bounce him in this rocker!!
He's really quite a good baby though - a wonderful little cuddler and a pretty good sleeper! He does make a bit of noise when he sleeps that we don't remember Brock ever doing - lots of moaning and groaning, silly Kade!

Meanwhile, Brock had lots of fun this past week. We met our friends out at a Splash park/Afternoon concert on Wednesday to see Baby Caspar Pants.
 Brock and his bestie, Zoe, had so much fun and played so well together. We brought some plastic cups from home and it kept them occupied for over an hour filling them up in the spray.
Bottoms in!!
What a way to cool off - it was a steamy 92 that day! Then it was time for the show! At noon, we pulled our tent and blanket over to the stage and ate our packed sandwiches. The two watched the other kids dancing in front of the stage and wanted to join in. Zoe grabbed Brock's hand and the two of them cautiously walked to the mass of energized children.... the whole way holding hands. Adorable and alas, no picture.
Zoe is in the pink hat and Brock in the Hawaiian blue bathing-suit with green crocs :)
Super fun show and the two were adorable together!!

And where does Kade usually hang out in all of this?
But he's a great sport and loves his Ergo naps. :)

Sweet baby Kade. :)

Two month stats: 12 pounds, 7 ounces and 23 inches long

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Long Beach, Washington

The Eason Family decided to get out of town for awhile and head to the beach. After a little research, we decided on Long Beach - almost the most south-western beach in Washington state. The Long Beach Peninsula is the longest beach (also longest driveable) in the United States at 28 miles. Apparently this area is also known for its amazing oysters, but no one in the family partook.
Walking to the beach
A sign up on the dune so I guess walkers know which path to take back to the hotel
 We stayed in a condo on the beach.... and even though it is "beachfront", you have to walk 1/2 mile on a path to actually get to the beach!

Can you spot all the boats in the water fishing for halibut, salmon and crab??
Once on the beach, it was significantly cooler and much windier than by our hotel. Cold Pacific Ocean and winds coming from Alaska!
Sweet baby Kade was all bundled up in the Ergo!

Here is a little video of the beach and Brock chasing down a bird.... then chasing down Daddy.

Brock running back to the hotel
It was really pretty out there and the scenery was amazing. It was flat where our hotel was, but looking south was rather rocky. We headed down that way after lunch to check out the lighthouse!

We visited the North Head Lighthouse, originally built in 1897.
The views from this area were beautiful - completely surrounded by evergreens. Unfortunately, you have to be 7 years old to climb the stairs - something that would have been nice to know before we told Brock about going up the lighthouse.

Brent was itching to take the Tundra out on the beach! We drove up and down the beach and saw quite a few other vehicles doing the same.
The next morning we took a little bit more time hanging out at the condo before we started our day.
 Then we were off to explore "downtown Long Beach" - aka souvenir shops and tourist traps!
We found Bigfoot!
Brock had spotted this little amusement park on our way through town and we had promised him a ride on the carousel. He was a happy boy!
 And the little bug ride.....

While I stopped to feed Kade, the boys stumbled upon an arcade place. Brock found another sport to master!

The best pizza place in the area happened to be inside the Cape Disappointment State Park. Worked for us because while we waited for our pizza to cook, we took in some amazing views!

Do you see the lighthouse across the water to the very right of the cliff?
 Brock liked running around, throwing rocks and saying "hello" to the baby evergreen trees.
It was quite a different experience on vacation with a toddler and a newborn. A "vacation"?? It was nice to get away and see some different parts of the state. The air was fresher and we did a lot of walking in nature - good for all of us. Lots of packing for a four day trip! Next time we come, we'll bring Diesel - so many dogs here and he would have loved to run on the beach! All in all, a great trip, but glad to be home (I can say that now after I finished my five loads of laundry).

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Happy 1 month Kade!

We survived our first month with two! ;) Happy one month Kade! I'm so happy you are the baby that can sleep through anything because our house can get a bit noisy! Speaking of sleeping, he's doing pretty good - sleeps from 10:30pm until 3am, awake for almost an hour, then back up at 6:30am for a "topping off," then sleeps until 8/8:30am.

Kade's one month stats - 10 pounds, 2 ounces and 21.75 inches.

He LOVED hitting this to make NOISE
To celebrate Kade's one month, Brock and I left him alone with Daddy and headed to downtown Renton for our big annual festival - Renton River Days. It was a good break for Kade and Brock got some much needed alone time with Mommy.

It was super fun. Fun activities for the kids like bounce houses and crafts and games - Brock had no fear of trying to throw the big football like the big kids!

We also may have indulged in a little fair food.... ;)

Brock is working on being gentle with Kade and has his moments of being a good big brother.

*Yes this post is almost two weeks late - hello people, I have two kids now - things are going to change!!