Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Very Toothy Post

I love getting smiles from my boys! Even without teeth, I love their little smiles!
Brock can still get Kade to belly laugh... when he's in the mood to do so, of course.
Sometimes the forced camera smile looks nowhere near the happy, in the moment, adorable usual smile, but I'll take what I can get from a three year old. 

Even with only one tooth, Kade is doing a wonderful job with his cheerios and other soft foods!
Yup, that's right - we have a tooth! We JUST missed dealing with a cranky teething baby on our flight home - Kade's very first tooth broke the gumline on Valentine's Day and boy was he thrilled!
He has been chewing on everything twice as much as he already was.... anything he can put in his mouth, he does! And as of tonight, I see tooth #2 will be coming up VERY soon (putting my money on the next two days!)

Brock loves his teeth too. He really is so good about brushing his teeth; sometimes deciding in the middle of the day he wants to brush! I was a little apprehensive about his first dentist appointment, but he did fabulous!
Checking out all the equipment.... especially the toy dispenser down the hall
 He was curious about the tools and a little shy at first, but after I let him sit in my lap on the chair, he let the hygienist count his twenty teeth and even clean them! Yes, he picked out bubble-gum flavor (which I will have you know he has NEVER had), loved the taste, and let her brush it all over his pearly whites!
Waiting for the Dentist to come check his teeth, so what better time to brush the monkey's teeth??
 As the dentist was walking over, Brock opened his mouth wide as could be! She was so impressed he was so eager to show her his teeth!

Super proud Brock picked out two stickers and a little figurine that expands in water. However, he was most proud showing Daddy his FLOSS when he arrived home that evening! I am one proud Momma! Good job Brock!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

North Carolina Trip with TWO - Part II

Brian and Nancy met my mom at a Cracker Barrel for the hand-off between Charlotte and Raleigh. It was cute when Brock arrived at my mother's house - I think he genuinely remembered it and knew just where to find "Brock's toys"!
 Our first two days there, the weather spoiled us! Beautiful sun-shiny 70-72 degree temperatures!
Kade liked sitting outside in the sun and Brock tried out his new-to-him Lightnin' McQueen scooter.
Outfit complete with matching sunglasses!
The boys looked so cute eating their meals around Grandma's kitchen table.
On Tuesday, the crew packed up and headed to Chapel Hill to check out the children's museum Kidzu. Very small and not worth the drive from Raleigh, in my opinion. Brock was entertained with the ball chute - very same area that captivated him at Discovery Place with Uncle Brian.

 They did have a cute little area for Kade to explore - good thing he's not crawling yet because when I say little, I mean little.
The boys had fun, of course. And Grandma had fun watching them play!
Then it was off to lunch on Franklin Street and to wander around a bit at the school.
"What's in there Momma??"
Carolina shirt and Carolina bear, but red pants :)
The following day we had a wonderful visitor arrive - Uncle David!! 
FLASHBACK.... here is Brock in that same shirt from August 2013. :)

We decided to head to Raleigh to visit Marbles Museum. 

Brock followed Uncle David around like a little puppy and loved learning how to play hockey with him in the rink! 

Such sweet boys cuddling on the couch together after playing hard at Marbles.... and getting thoroughly soaked on the way out!

Brock and Kade had fun with Papa too - we met them out at The Farmer's Market for breakfast then headed to play at Pullen Park. This was our first time riding on Pullen Park's train and Carousel - we'll be ready to return when it's warmer!

Brock and Kade had lots of other playdates with new friends too! We had fun on Ryan's bouncy house and meeting Lucas...
 We checked out Alexandra's new crib in Hillsborough and hung out with some other awesome little friends....
Nora, Alexandra, Brock & Ryan
Then had a blast shooting basketballs and playing with everything Paw Patrol at Will's house (which, by the way Beck, he is STILL talking about and says he wants to go back and shoot more basketballs!)

We had so much fun at Grandma's and really did quite a lot - we stayed busy so Brock and Kade could take good naps every day! 
Brock's spot on the heating vent
 I could post another 10 pictures, but I really need to stop!!

Brock, Kade and I really had a great time in North Carolina on this trip. We saw a lot of friends that I haven't seen in awhile and visited some new destinations (albeit kid-orientated). This trip was a bit different for Brock and was the first time he really missed home. Sweet boy continued to ask me when we were going home, asking "Are we going home now, Momma? Daddy is waiting for me. My doggies are waiting for me too." As part of our bedtime routine, we skyped with Brent every night to keep some sort of consistency with home's schedule. It was a long time to be away for a just turned three year old. Perhaps next time, Brent will join us for part of our trip.
Bye North Carolina, see you next time!

Friday, February 19, 2016

North Carolina Trip with TWO - Part I

Here we I go, headed across the country with the two children.... all by myself. It actually wasn't such a bad flight at all - made it nice to get a whole row to ourselves! Brock occupied himself with movies on his tablet or his Paw Patrol activity book and Kade enjoyed tasting every little thing I gave him. Yay for teething on a dirty airplane!

Brock may have also taken a few selfies with my phone....

Our first stop was Charlotte to visit my brother, Brian, and sister-in-law, Nancy, at their new home!

After arriving pretty late on Thursday night, the boys were up with the sun by 8am! We were treated to their usual big "weekend" gourmet breakfast and then it was off to to Discovery Place Kids Museum, right down the street from their house!
 Brock and Kade had so much fun! But like elsewhere - the water table was both of their favorites!
Cute video of the two playing in the water....
Finally, we pried Brock away to try out other things....
Brock loved this - Uncle Brian built him a car and he raced it down the ramp

After a leisure Saturday morning (well, I had a leisure Saturday morning shopping SOLO while Brian and Nancy watched my children for me.....ahhhh it was heavenly), we had other Charlotte visitors stop by and see us!
Brock LOVED Uncle Jeff and Aunt Carol, he just doesn't like getting his picture taken
We had so much fun with Great-Aunt Carol and Great-Uncle Jeff! Aunt Carol had brought one of her Hanukkah gifts for Brock to try out - a modern version of an old Polaroid camera - and Brock was enamored. How cool to press the button, make it flash, and then out pops something that turns into a picture! Brock's aim may not have been entirely accurate for some of them (Brian and Nancy's light fixture is quite photogenic!) We did get a few good ones though!

Baby Kade was such a good boy for the company - even got in some FaceTime with Cousin Ara! They loved babbling to each other!

He may be a little rougher with his dogs at home, but I really believe Brock is an animal lover just like his parents. He adored Chase the cat and Riley the dog.
Chase was on the chair first, then Brock climbed up to sit with him

Then Riley had to come inspect what was so cool about the chair!
 Anywhere they were, Brock was sure to follow! It was cute - they are all about the same age/maturity! ;) (Chase, 6 months & Riley, 3 1/2 months) Kade just watched them all run around.
 We also had some beautiful weather while we were there! Brock showed Uncle Brian how well he can kick a soccer ball.... and how well his potty training is coming.... especially outdoors! Oh, so what that all your neighbors saw your nephew christen one of your plants? :)
Love that you can see the ball in mid-air!
We had a great time in Charlotte Huntersville with Uncle Brian and Aunt Nancy! Your house is absolutely lovely and very welcoming! I loved that Brock (and Kade) felt so comfortable with you two after just a little warming up the first night. 

Sorry you probably had to spend all day Sunday cleaning up after my two children went through your home like a tornado, but we really appreciate all that you did for us and glad I could give you a sampling of what it would be like with children!!

Next stop, Apex!