Monday, August 21, 2017

Boating at Jordan Lake

We try to get out on the boat every other weekend. We're definitely getting our use out of it! These pictures are from July.

Brock's second favorite part of the boat is most definitely the hose. Everything gets sprayed with the hose - no bugs will get near our boat with Brock on hose duty!

Love to lounge! Totally multi-tasking - balancing Kade, paddling against the current, rescuing his play cup from sinking, and relaxing all at the same time! (Or three of those four...)

 Thumbs up from Brent that the fishing line was in the water. Spoiler alert - we didn't catch squat.

After our water play and lunch, time to cruise away!

Brock is going to be a pro by the time he is actually old enough to drive the boat! Here is Brent giving Brock another lesson on what does what on the boat! Notice Kade is watching too!

Sorry - as soon as the boat is in motion, Kade is ready for bed. Don't be alarmed - he was laying on me on the bean bag while I held a towel over his face and body to shield him from the sun! I wasn't going to let him bake out there! (He's laying there solo because we were at the boat ramp about to head in!)

A large field of sunflowers welcomes visitors to the boat ranch at Jordan Lake, but they needed a little water though.

Okay, I've thrown in a few pictures between the next boating trip that I just loved! Here's Kade being super cuddly on my bed! He even waited for me to run and get my camera so I could take a picture of his sweet face!

Brent picked up new Hanna Anderson pajamas for Kade - matching Star Wars themed jammies!!

Oscar wanted to cuddle with Brock before bed too! Oscar doesn't stay in Brock's bed long after I leave though....

Another boating trip, this time with not as many pictures, but a very cool video to make up for that!

Brock wanted to fish for the Loch Ness Monster!'s a 3 minute video, but a gorgeous day to be on the boat!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Family Pictures - Summer 2017 Edition

I have been craving for some professional family pictures and as we had just celebrated Kade's 2nd birthday, I figured we could knock out both together! Mental note - do not take outdoor pictures in the middle of summer while living in North Carolina! It made no difference that we met the photographer at 8am, the humidity was still there!

Doing the mom thing and explaining the rules for the race!

We met Courtney, an old high school friend of mine that does photography on the side, at Crowder Park in Apex. It's a really lovely park with a boardwalk over the little pond filled with tons of turtles. Obviously, we affectionately call it turtle park! Brock had actually just completed a little 3 day camp here earlier that week that he LOVED. A real camp (for 4 year olds) as it was outside all day!

You can tell the turtles are trained well - as soon as you hang over the side of the railing, they swim right towards you looking for food!

While Brock was content to watch the turtles off the boardwalk, Kade was happy with running and picking up sticks!

And you can tell the humidity based on how frizzy my hair was getting!

I got some sweet kisses from that cuddle bug that totally made up for it!
Brock was very throwing things in to the water - I will say he made every effort to be careful not to hit the turtles!


After all that, the boys were ready to let off steam on the playground! Even Brent managed to go down the slide with Brock!

What a big smile on this little boy's face!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Legos and a visit with Uncle Bob

Brock LOVES building with Legos - he's enjoyed them at other people's houses, camps, preschools... and now that Kade is officially two... he can enjoy them in the comfort of his own home!

We started him with the Lego Junior Construction Set with 160 pieces. I love that it comes with a bright red bin to store them!

It was pleasing to see Brock spend the time to follow the instructions and figure out where every piece was supposed to go.

How fun! We took a slow-motion video of his wrecking ball!

Since then, he has thoroughly enjoyed being a master builder and making up his own creations! And he's been taking great care of this toy too!
Fun R-rated story.... one night a very bad storm comes through and knocks our power out. I'm running upstairs to retrieve the candle (from the last time our power went out) and Brent is listing off things he needs to get. Out of the blue and in quite a frantic, Brock yells out "My legos! I need my fucking legos!!" I think it caught Brent quite off guard, but we definitely had a bit of a talk with him about the use of that word. But what a thing to "require" when the power goes out! :)

My world-traveling Uncle Bob was in the States visiting family (mostly NY/CT - he goes back and forth during the year from India and Nepal) and flew down to visit his sister for a few days!

It was great for him to see our new home and visit with the boys for a bit. I'm sure he enjoyed catching up on some baseball talk with Brent too!

Of course we loved having Grandma there to snuggle with too!

And just two more pictures of brothers being brothers....

(Apparently I have to catch them from behind so not to disturb their enjoyment of each other) ;)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Nancy & Brian's Baby Shower

Happy Baby Shower day to Nancy and Brian!! It was a gorgeous day and a fabulous party!! 

My mother and I were tasked to go pick up the cake and all the food from Publix and I'm so bad - this is the only picture I have of the amazing baby shower cake! (*Edited - my mother shared a picture with me! Posted below!) When they brought it out from the back, it actually cracked down the middle and the staff had to fix it - not once, but THREE times before we headed back to the party! That cake was meant to be difficult! ;)

I took lots of pictures of all the amazing decorations Nancy's friends and family brought. They made her house look so festive!

Such a cute idea for a momento of that day!

Vivian and Brock both created some amazing masterpieces on a few diapers that day!

Aunt Carol and I snapped a picture in front of one of the games I would later play.... Pin the sperm on the egg.... however I do think the guys should be playing that game....?

Where's Kade?!? First stop was usually their office.... Silly boy LOVED Aunt Nancy's new desk!

Pretty decorations.... except slightly off count.... Nancy was 6 weeks away from baby arriving that day!

It was hot that day, so I think these two were some of the only people to play cornhole! I will let you know Brock's throw was ON TARGET - that black beanbag went in the hole (iphone's live photo confirms that!).

Brian and his fraternity brothers were happy to partake in this beer bottle guzzling game!

Cap on or cap off - that is the question?!?

The next game Brent was up!

Put the balloon under your shirt mimicking a pregnant lady and bend down to pick up a quarter!

Brent was a split-second to slow - he came in second.

Finally it was time to watch the happy couple open their presents!

Uncle Jeff was trying not to lose too many arm hairs to the sticker bandit! ;)

Nancy's dear friend Chantal filled this amazing basket with all sorts of little baby items - every gift was so thoughtful - she even decorated the tub!!

Again, these two were being totally serious over here!

A great photo of Nancy and one of her & Brian's friends, Caitlin, also expecting!

Super cute photo of Suzanne (Nancy's mother), Nancy, and Kelly (Nancy's sister).

And one more picture from Nancy & Brian's maternity shoot!

We are so excited for you both! You are going to be wonderful parents!! Looking forward to meeting Baby Boy Rosenfeld on or around August 21st! :)