Saturday, March 25, 2017

Goodbye Washington!

This past week was a blur finalizing everything we needed to do to get the house packed and cleaned before we all headed east. 

Kade may have reached my phone a time or two when I wasn't looking!

Moving day was upon us! Trailer had arrived the morning before, Brent was en route to drop off the kids for the day at Adventure Kids, packers arrived to box the kitchen, and movers started hauling everything we own out! It was a whirlwind!

The only actual pictures I took were of the four movers loading Brent's 600-pound safe in to the truck.
Oh yeah.... and it was raining..... 
This is about the time where things got crazy. After realizing that not everything was going to fit in the 28-foot long trailer, it was time to go to Plan B! Originally we had intended for Brent to pull the Highlander with his Tundra on a rented trailer, but it was obvious we needed more cargo space. Off he went to U-Haul to rent the largest cargo trailer they had while I started phoning car transporters to reserve a space for the Highlander! Within an hour everything was good to go and we were back on track - Brent picked up the additional trailer and let the movers start packing the remaining items in there!

.....there may have been one smelly dog chair that did not make the second trailer..... sorry Oscar, but that chair STUNK! Know anyone that wants it? I can tell you where we left it... ;)

Back to our last night in Renton... after picking up the boys at Adventure Kids at 5:30PM, (So that's what it feels like to be a "working mom".... you really look forward to seeing the little buggers after a day away from them! Just kidding... ;) ) we all headed for dinner at Pagliacci's pizza in Bellevue.

Brent opted to stay home and sleep on the floor in the empty house and watch all our possessions in the driveway, so I went solo to our reserved hotel room with the boys. I was so focused on getting a hotel that was dog-friendly, I neglected to check if the hotel stocked cribs/playpens. That was a fun night sleeping in the bed with Kade.

Woke up for an early flight on Alaska Airlines nonstop to Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

It was a fairly decent flight with my two little travelers. Kade even managed to sleep for an hour! Brock is doing a good job with his photography - here's another one he captured!

The following day, our house officially sold! Goodbye house, you were a lovely home and a fabulous investment!

We are staying with my mother for a week before our Apex house closes and to give Brent time to drive here! This is his route below - he has made some AMAZING time pulling a trailer and traveling with two very large dogs - good thing they're used to sleeping all day.
Day 1 - Renton, Washington to Missoula, Montana (468 miles)
Day 2 - Missoula, Montana to Rapid City, South Dakota (660 miles)
Day 3 - Rapid City, South Dakota to Kansas City, Missouri (705 miles)
Day 4 - Kansas City, Missouri to Nashville, Tennessee (555 miles)
Day 5 - Stay in Nashville and visit family
Day 6 - Nashville, Tennessee to Apex, North Carolina (528 miles)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Sunny in Renton!

GORGEOUS day on Sunday! Ended up with a high of 52 degrees yesterday, but in the morning it was frigid - sunny, but cold!

My desire was to do a fun Renton-area activity with the family one more time before getting back on our packing kick. Let's head to Coulon one more time and walk around the water - we always have smiles when we visit Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park!!

Seattle/Rainier Beach (not to be confused with Mt. Rainier which would be completely behind me) area - Olympic Mountains FAR in the distance 
 All bundled up, watching the geese!

A group of people took advantage of the amazingly still water and were on the dock sailing miniature sailboats.

Brock, my photographer-in-training, took this photo off me after climbing to the top of this lookout area!

Here's Brock pointing/covering where we are on the map!

These stairs were a little steep and Brock was not such a fan!

What a difference of temperature from the shade back to the sun!

In a few months, this beach will be littered with people clamoring for sunshine and wading in that refreshing cold water. The beaches here are all so clean!

Kade found one little pebble and was trying to kick it around on the sand
 Finally it was warm enough to go play on the playground. This was Kade's first time at Coulon's playground! Wow did he figure it out way faster than Brock originally did! Once he realized the slide was at the top of the steps/ladder, away he ran to conquer them again!

How cute - both brothers love this motorcycle bouncy toy!

Here again, I don't think Brock entered this tunnel until he was about 2 1/2 - Kade was fearless and followed in right after big brother!

Ummm.... okay - he's playing in the "big kid" section and now he's following brother up to the tallest slide at the whole park! I will say Brock was very helpful with him and continued to give him positive encouragement the whole way!

First comes Brock!

Next in line - little brother! Wow, does that slide look tall!

What a fun morning! Back to packing! This week is going to be crazy with movers and airplane trips and loooooong car rides!

Diesel says he's ready to go!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Last playdate with the Deutschman's!

Is it already here? The last playdate with our favorite family?? Sad face. But we went out with a bang! Ha - literally! About 3 minutes in to our bounce house experience, Brock got conked in the nose by another little kid while attempting to climb the ladder up the slide. He came and buried his face in my shirt crying and it wasn't until Abbey pointed it out, did I realize I had blood all over me! Yup, bloody nose time again! Fun memory. ;) Mental note - bring a change of clothes for ME and the boys!

The steep slide was a BIG hit though! Brock and Zoe just went up and down pretty much the whole morning we were there!

Kade was BEGGING to go too, so I climbed up the stairs (with one hand mind you, so I could hold Kade with the other!!).

No one climbed better than Zoe though! She was a beast holding herself on the sides and balancing on those little steps!!

Can you tell it was St. Patrick's Day when we met them? We are all in green!! :)

And look! Abbey climbed up too! Perhaps Crosby was tired from all that commotion getting Mommy up the stairs! ;)

Oh my goodness - thank you for taking this video Abbey! ;)

There were other blow-up areas, but apparently we only got photos of the big slide! ;)

The little ones were pooped after an hour and a half at the bounce place!

We decided to be extra-crazy and head to a restaurant for lunch - couldn't talk Abbey in to "French Fry place", so we opted for Red Robin instead. Every single kid ate their mandarin oranges first. Crosby gets the star for finishing his meal!

The kids thought it was such a treat to go out to lunch all together and then get a red balloon afterwards too!

Brock's long-sleeved shirt was green! ;)
We had a blast like usual with the Deutschman Family. You all will surely be missed. So many more things I can say to my best friend on the West Coast - your friendship and our children's friendship have made it a little more difficult than I thought to move back home. Fingers crossed on a future east coast move for you all too!! ;)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Kanoa & Elijah!

Yay for birthday parties at this age because little brother is always invited too! ;)

I was so happy to hear that our longer closing date would mean we would still be in town for Kanoa and Elijah's birthday party in March! Brock met the twins in his "1st Year Toddler" Bellevue College Co-Op preschool class on Mercer Island. Soooo many years ago!

Brock, Zoe, the twins and all the other "big kids" were moving so fast and climbing through all the tunnels and stairs at Funtastic Playtorium in Factoria - it was impossible to get a picture of them!

Finally! The big kids in action!
It's a trampoline!! Forget a clear picture! ;)
Brock and Zoe were attached at the hip that day. They laughed and played and jumped all morning side by side!

Pizza time! And where was Crosby?? Stuck at the top! Poor Abbey had to go rescue him!!

The birthday boys and their Daddy!

Brock was checking out everyone else's pizza. They didn't eat so much pizza surprisingly.... too excited to get back out there and play!

But they were ALL about the cake! A very cool Blaze and the Monster Machines cake with custard filling!

The little ones are starting to play together too now! Kade and Crosby were following each other up the stairs and down the slide!

The four of them - still for only a moment!