Sunday, July 9, 2017

Beaufort with Grammy & Grandpa - Part II

Painting of fishing boats I found in Beaufort Linen Company on Front Street. Want to buy it for me? I think it was $600. ;)
The following day was the kids' time on the boat and our beach day - thankfully the rain held off! Grandpa and Grammy opted to stay home and out of the sun.

Silly boys were not feeling the attention of the video, but this is a short video of us prepping to take the boat out - seems like a tradition to always play this song.

Kade and Brock are getting the hang of this boating thing and definitely prepared for the wind, spray, and waves! Kade wanted to sit there all by himself (which he did until we got to the inlet).

Our destination that day was Shackleford Banks and after a bit of figuring out the best way to get there and not get marooned on a sandbar, we arrived!

Shackleford Banks is a barrier island adjacent to Atlantic Beach, however only way to access this island is by boat! No vehicles and no houses on the island - only wild horses. Supposedly, these horses are the descendants of a shipwreck 200+/- years ago. They are wild, but with so many visitors flocking to the island to see them, they are not scared at all. We anchored in the shallows by the island and then waded to the beach - we apparently picked a great spot because right over the dune was a mare and her nursing baby!

Brent took a photo of us playing on the beach - looks far away, but the boat was anchored at about 3 feet of water - it was so shallow!

After a nice lunch, it was time to head back to the Inlet....

Such sad faces.....

Don't be too sad - it was time to fish!! Brock caught 2 little sheepshead fish on our first pass by the buoy!

He's so funny - he asked to hold it before we let them go back in the water.

We were fishing right in the channel, so it was tricky to maneuver around the buoy, watch the currents, and watch other boats whizzing by - especially for an amateur boat driver like myself!! (Brent was helping Brock do the fishing)

And oh my goodness, he caught THREE more!

These were little black sea bass.

Here's a cute (3 minute) video of Brock catching his THREE fish!

Time for dinner! My three favorite men walking hand in hand to Clawson's. Highly recommend!

After dinner, the whole family walked around Front Street again. Much better weather (hot) and we all got to enjoy the big fishing boats!

I love this picture of Grammy and Kade - totally having a conversation!

We promised Brock some ice cream - window shopping on that warm evening, it tasted even better!

Silly Kade put Grandpa's hat on all by himself..... just didn't want Momma to take a picture of him!

Last night there and Oscar had enough of those creaking hard floors - no soft dog bed to lay on - all we gave him was a towel (on top of two pillows!!). Apparently it wasn't soft enough for our very spoiled pit bull!
Yup, that's my bra - get over it. ;)

We arrived home and Brock put Grandpa to work building three paper airplanes!!

We were lucky to have Brent's Dad here for Father's Day weekend! Brock is all in to drawing boats now and specifically drew this boat - engine, propeller and steering wheel (surrounded by a sun) with Grandpa driving for his present.

We got Brent a pretty snazzy gift too.... which Brock may have blurted out right as Daddy was tearing the first wrapping paper off! I guess Brent is pretending to act surprised.

More celebrations that evening - we started Kade's birthday celebrations five days early with a cake while Grammy and Grandpa were there!

Finger-licking good!!

Complete with the "CHEESE!!"

Time for Grandpa and Grammy to head back to Nashville.... we loved having you all here and can't wait to see you again! It's only a 75 minute plane ride now!!

I see lots more fishing trips in our future! ;)

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Beaufort with Grammy & Grandpa - Part I

Grammy and Grandpa flew in on the Tuesday evening before Father's Day and after a quick breakfast the following morning, we were in the car headed to our Airbnb in Beaufort!

If you've ever traveled on I-95, you are more than familiar with the oodles of South of the Border billboard signs littered along the highway! Well, hop on US Route 70 towards the beach and you start spotting billboard signs for the Neuse Sports Shop in Kinston just the same! A little nostalgia!

Brent was excited to get the boat in the water and leave his "trail of breadcrumbs" out of the channel for when him and his Dad left early the next morning on their fishing expedition. So, after dropping our things at the house, we boarded the boat for a quick little drive.
Leaving the Marina
 Brock was excited to finally be "at the beach!" This time Brent reserved a slip at the marina which made it super easy to just pull the boat up, tie it off, and jump in the car (after a little engine flush too, of course).

It was going to be a quick ride, therefore we let Diesel and Oscar come too!

I think Diesel forgot his sea legs..... he did not like all the bumping and wind in his face.

Brent and Tom set their alarms EARLY that evening and got to the marina while it was still dark!

Off they went on their adventure in to the sunrise! (Misleading pictures because Atlantic Beach faces due South. They were heading to a fishing spot south-west of the inlet)

6:11AM EST
While Brent and Grandpa were catching some Kings, the rest of the group had fun in Beaufort and Atlantic Beach. First, we checked out the local Piggly Wiggly - I love that store! :) Then, we crossed the bridge, grabbed a parking spot RIGHT by the beach to let Brock and Kade get their feet wet. It wasn't supposed to be a full-on, get wet, beach day....

Kade did NOT like the waves. He did NOT like the water touching his feet. He was VERY unsure about this whole ocean thing! (That is not a happy scream you are seeing)

Brock, however, couldn't wait to jump in.... and eventually did just that. Eh, who cares you weren't really in your bathing-suit!? That's why I always carry a change of clothes in the car. ;)

Stopped at French Fry place for lunch and put Kade down for his nap.

Meanwhile..... Brent and Tom were having a pretty good day. The plan was to go all the way out to the Gulf Stream (about 40 miles off shore) to fish Mahi.... but the seas had other plans. Short waves 2-3 ft, but coming every 3-4 seconds made for too bumpy of a ride. So, they headed south-west to one of Brent's king mackerel fishing spots.

Thankfully, it was a profitable trip: five kings and one bonita!

Here was a little video Brent took while heading back in...

Grammy stayed back while Kade "napped" and I took Brock to meet the fisherman and their bounty at the Marina.

Brock was very curious how to filet a fish!

After dinner that evening (and some quiet time had by all), we headed down to historic Beaufort to explore. We ended up parking just one block up from Front Street and beside the Old Burying Grounds.

Really a quite neat place to explore! (I highly doubt Brock had any idea of what this was - just old statues, I'm sure.)

The clouds looked quite ominous that evening and sprinkled on us a bit.... but it felt good after the heat of the day!

The houses lining Front Street are AH-MAH-ZING (with an amazing price tag), but drive up a few blocks and there are some really cute little ranches priced a lot nicer..... I think we all fell in love with Beaufort's coastal feel - much more laid back and clean compared to Morehead City.

Cute little square where a band was playing. The big charter fishing vessels dock right here next to the boardwalk which only adds to your view when you look at all those incredible boats! Brent informed me that type of boat could cost you a cool 2-3 million brand new!!