Friday, January 5, 2018

Christmas Day 2017

Boys opening their first presents of Christmas 2017
Brock had been getting up earlier and earlier every day leading up to Christmas, so we were a bit fearful it would be an EARLY Christmas morning.... not too bad, he woke us up at 6:48AM. (We told him there were special rules for Christmas Day - no matter what time it was, he could come in our room Christmas morning and wake us up, but he was not to go downstairs at all!) Of course, he woke up Kade and THEN came in our room.

I went downstairs first to get a video of them coming down the stairs....

Per our tradition, the boys opened one present of their choosing, then we stop for breakfast. Brian, Nancy, Maddox and Riley arrived just in time to enjoy pancakes and bacon before opening presents!!

The #1 thing on Brock's list this year was chocolate coins!! What a delight to receive a VERY LARGE container of chocolate coins!!

Christmas went a bit faster this year..... Kade was tearing off wrapping paper just as fast as big brother! He may need a little help with how to correctly play with some of these toys....

Brock inspecting his Lego set from Great-Aunt Carol and Great-Uncle Jeff.

Christmas-Intermission!! Mommy & Daddy got the boys new tablets (technically new tablet for Brent, who passed his down to Brock, who passed his down to Kade.... with new cases, of course), which made everything come to a crashing halt while the boys checked out their new apps.

Brent looks ecstatic after opening his Squatty Potty! ;)

Hmm.... now Brock received a blue helmet just like he asked Santa for.... but what should go with it?

Meanwhile, Kade was unwrapping his large gift...

Ooooh, ice cream!!

Brent explained to Brock that Santa didn't have room under the tree for one of his presents, he had to leave it in the next room... and when Brock walked in the room, his mouth literally dropped!
Sorry so blurry, trying to take the photos fast!

SUPER happy boy!!

A few of us still had some presents to open!

Of course Maddox was sleeping through most of this craziness, probably for the best, but he didn't get to participate in the chaos of present-swapping.

But when Maddox did wake up, we attempted a cousin photo shoot with matching shirts!

So sweet of Aunt Nancy to get them for all the boys! They looked adorable! Thank you!

I think I know which little boy was the most cooperative in the photo shoot!

Grandma got in some cuddling action with Baby Maddox!

After an early dinner, Brock got to try out his new Batman bike with training wheels (a very important detail).

Looking down at his feet while he rides - we have to work on that!

A snippet from Brock's first day on 2 wheels (plus 2 little ones)!

Time to relax after another successful Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

'Twas the week before Christmas...

And the house was all decorated for Christmas!! Brent took this awesome photo of our house all lit up with his new drone!

The Sunday before Christmas, Grandma took Brock to see Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer musical playing downtown Raleigh at Fletcher Auditorium.

They had great seats - right by the stage.

Brock's favorite part was when "the big snow guy comes and tries to break through the ice."

After the show, I picked up the pair and drove over to The Pit for lunch. Grandma was on point again with the theme and had ordered Brock a mini Rudolph lego set to complete while we waited!
Lunch was amazing too by the way, highly recommend.

Yup, I think it was fair to say Brock had a great time and a really good lunch - fell asleep about 5 minutes after leaving the restaurant!

Oh - he's awake again! Showing off their completed Santa, in his vacation outfit, and the lego Rudolph in front pulling his sleigh!

Trying something different..... chalk on black paper! (Apparently my art projects were lacking this Christmas - crayons, markers and stickers were not enough!)

Finally, it was Christmas Eve and we had yet to make it over to Bass Pro! Brent took off to the gym and I packed up the boys and headed to Cary! We love Santa's Wonderland at Bass Pro - they hand out Bass Passes for a set 30 minute window to go see Santa. We had to wait 45 minutes for our window to open, which was plenty of time to check out the toys and other activities!

Both my boys love to shoot the decoys with these rifles - just like at Frontierland at Disney, they only shoot an infrared light to hit the targets. ;)

And I realized they both had no idea how to maneuver these Lincoln Logs! This is a toy we do not have at home!

Yay, it was our turn and Kade was all brave! They both climbed right up on Santa's lap!

Kade confidently exclaimed he wanted "Presents!"

And Santa even had the boys turn and smile for Momma! (Way better than the $25 photo at Crabtree....)

After seeing those photos at Bass Pro of Brock's form, Brent felt he immediately needed a lesson while Kade napped!

We woke Kade from his nap and scrambled to get out the door for the 4pm service at St. Paul's Episcopal before heading to Grandma's for Christmas Eve dinner. Grandma, Aunt Beverly, Brian and Nancy were all slaving away in the kitchen when we arrived making a delicious meal of prime rib, mashed potatoes and vegetables! Thank you to all!

The boys opened their presents from Grandma and Aunt Beverly that evening. Brock was so excited to get more legos and these are probably the way to go - after getting all these sets mixed up with each other, the large classic box so he can be the Master Builder is for the best!

Why does Christmas Eve have to feel so rushed??!? Hurried home, skipping dessert(!), to get Kade in bed and just enough time to make some cookies for Santa.

Brock was so good placing them gently on the plate for Santa! He put everything out this year - even pouring the milk for Santa and getting an apple for the reindeer!

Now it's off to bed...... Santa only comes when all the little boys and girls are sleeping! (Which, when told this very thing, Brock looked up at me and asked quite seriously, "What happens Momma? Will I turn in to an elf?") He has his moments. :)