Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April Activities & Easter Egg Drop

I came to a new city prepared - signing up Kade and Brock for local activities before we even moved! I enrolled Kade in the local toddler free-play class at the community center - very similar to the Renton one we frequented. A little different though - here it's 3 classes at 45 minutes of free play with the last 15 minutes led by an instructor with parachute time, bubbles and a good-bye song.... Renton's was 8 classes of 1 1/2 hours of free play - same cost. Hmm.... what happened to cheaper cost of living??

Brock attended a mini-camp for two weeks - two days/week for 3 hours! He absolutely loved it. I couldn't believe how much he talked about what he did that first day - WAY more than he EVER told me about preschool! Money well spent since all the preschools around here are all full for the remainder of this year! :(
Brock all ready for his second day at camp! (they were having an Easter Egg hunt that day!!)

Making a purple sting ray!
 These are all pictures the teacher sent me from his sessions! Super cool!

Brock with Miss Karyn
We had some fun around our house too!

Couldn't resist trying out the new bathtub WITH JETS!

The new water table has been a huge hit too! We love our backyard!!

On the Saturday before Easter, I let Brock & Kade open their Easter baskets from Great-Aunt Carol & Great-Uncle Jeff. These were soooo cute! The boys took out every single thing from the monogramed baskets and showed them off to us! It was adorable!

Thank you!!
It was an early morning for Brock and I - we headed out to Thomas Brooks Park in Cary (home of the USA Baseball National Training Complex) for the first Cary Easter Egg Drop! As in, a helicopter will drop filled plastic eggs all over a huge gated soccer field that hundreds of children will run to collect!

Let me just say for their first year doing this, it was "pretty good". It definitely mattered where you were in relation to the entrance of the gate if you/your child had a good time. We had a great location, but I felt really bad for other kids. (Brock learned a hard lesson about sharing as I first made him stop after he collected nearly an entire bag full and then, urged him to give away 5 of his hard-earned eggs to 5 other little children who had ZERO eggs in their baskets)

But he had a great time; definitely a pro now! He was scooping them up as fast he could!

Here he is enjoying his bounty. At this point too he showed me which eggs he picked up that were going to be for Kade. :)

 A happy boy with lots of chocolate and peeps in the pantry (and it's not even Easter yet!)!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Brian & Nancy's Gender Reveal Party

The weekend after we unloaded our trailer, we headed south to Huntersville (just north of Charlotte) to find out what Brock & Kade's new little cousin was going to be?!?!? BOY or GIRL - A gender reveal party!! 

Looks like a split between Brian's fraternity brothers - some say girl, some say boy! 
We were excited to have beautiful weather to enjoy Brian's new backyard patio! And Kade looks like one cool kid in his shades!

 The fenced backyard was a dog's paradise - they all played so well with their cousin Riley! (Riley is the golden-doodle!) (Yup, we brought our two dogs and Grandma brought Mia)

Look at all that pink! Our family was so sure it was pink - 3/4 of us wore pink! (Even bought Brent a new pink shirt!)

Time for the big reveal!! Look at that huge balloon!!

I think Brian and Nancy were excited about the news!!! :)

It's a BOY!!!! :)

Brock kept Riley busy while his Mommy and Daddy were busy popping that balloon....

Time to cut that cake! Yummy cake from Grandma Debbie!

Even the dogs were waiting for their cut.....

After a fun morning of running inside the house and back out again, the boys found a spot on the couch to rest with their beverages!
What a fun party and so excited we could celebrate with you now that we are a short 2.25 hours (by car) away!! :) Looking forward to spoiling that nephew when he arrives!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Officially North Carolina residents!

We bought a house!!! Apparently we like to buy houses, as this is our third house we've bought together! Okay, I really mean it this time - we're not moving for a LOOOOONG TIME! (Sidenote - I did tell Brent the only way I was leaving our last house is if we moved back to NC, so there's that) ;)

The house itself is quite amazing, but since we are still waiting to unload our truck, you're only getting pictures of our incredible backyard. Hey - when you go from .09 acres to .54 acres, it's pretty incredible!

 Yup, the grass was already out of control.... Brent was on a mission to solve that problem!

Also, really thought Diesel wouldn't be able to squeeze his 88 pound self under the deck - nope, he figured it out!

We have a little bit of furniture - everything that Brent towed in the cargo trailer that wouldn't fit in the big truck - it has worked out well for a few gourmet meals at the home!

Somehow I think Kade has more chair than Brock!

But it has been nice to not have to "rough it" too much - Grandma's house is 15 minutes away and we are staying there for the nice meals!

My Highlander arrived too!

Back to the house..... when Oscar explored the backyard for the first time, we think he was in shock with all the space! He kept looking back "Is this for me???"

We have a large amount of green by the house/deck, but then the furthest portion of the backyard is natural area with lots of trees! Brock already has a nice stash of the best sticks!

Brent found his solution for the out-of-control grass!! Just need to work on the ear protection!
The grass isn't dead - it's just dormant
 Yup, she's a beauty! (THE HOUSE, NOT THE JOHN DEERE) ;)

So glad we found our perfect home! And thank you to Brent for trusting me enough - he saw the house for the first time the day before we closed! I'm glad you love it too!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Brent, Diesel & Oscar have arrived in North Carolina!!

Wanapum State Park - crossing the Columbia River in Washington State
Brent's first day on the road was a late start after finishing cleaning the house, packing the Highlander with a deer and an elk head, returning unused boxes to U-Haul, and getting the "dog lounge" ready in the backseat of the Tundra. Still, he drove 7 1/2 hours that day - great start!
Deer Lodge, Montana
The first two days were clear, but windy and cold. Once he passed the mountains in Montana, he felt it was just big country - you could see mountains a long way off, dips in the landscape, blue skies and clouds.
Whitehall, Montana

Hardin, Montana
The dogs did okay on the trek. They are used to napping, but a little different when you're not able to spread out in the back of the truck. Brent did a great job making it cozy and made it a point to let them stretch their legs at every stop.
I asked Brent to take photos of the state crossing signs.... he managed to get a few. :) I love geography and was really intrigued as to what route he was going to take!
Sioux City
If we didn't have Brock & Kade, I think I would have liked to travel with him for the week... however extending the trip a bit to sight-see just a tad more at some places!

Helloooo Mississippi River!
St. Louis, Missouri 
He entered four states on Day 4 of his drive - Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee!
Oak Grove, Kentucky
He made such great time, Brent was able to stay in Nashville for two nights to visit his parents, niece & nephew, sister and meet his new brother-in-law! Brent made the most of his time in Nashville, eating local barbecue and visiting his Aunt Joyce and Uncle Marion, whom he hasn't seen in almost 20 years! 
Fines Creek
FINALLY, he hit North Carolina..... and traffic. An eight hour day turned in to a ten hour day with construction traffic around Asheville. But alas, he made it before bedtime routines and the boys were so excited!!

Brent backing down Grandma's shared driveway
Brock even made Brent a welcome sign! (He decorated it with dinosaur stickers and (reluctantly) wrote his "B" at the bottom.

 All in all that was quite a lot of driving in six days!

The second best part (after Brent arriving here safely) was getting yummy homemade muffins from Grammy! We ALL had a muffin that night! Thank you!!

 So happy to have Daddy back in the South with us! :)