Sunday, June 25, 2017

Our Welcome Home Gift!

 We bought a boat! 

Brent and Brock drove all the way to Washington, North Carolina to tow home our new 2018 Sea Fox Center-Console 246 Commander! Brent has been doing research on our family's new boat since we decided to move back to North Carolina (this was a major factor in our decision to move home - giving our children the same childhood opportunity Brent had growing up owning a boat)! Really, this boat has so many great features for our family and as an off-shore fishing boat!

Two days after it was picked it up, we tried it out on Jordan Lake! Saturday of Memorial Day weekend was a really pretty day to be out on the lake - we arrived early to beat the traffic and packed a picnic lunch!

Brock has claimed his seat on the boat - right next to the Captain's chair. If you ever join us on the boat, I think you may have a bit of a fight on your hands trying to sit there! He is so curious - asks Brent what the buttons do and what everything means. I think it's wonderful he's interested in something his father is so passionate about - I hope it sticks!

Were you eyeing some jet skiers? ;)
Brock was all about sticking his feet in the water, but no way - he did NOT get in that water. I will say it was a bit chilly, but he was more concerned about how deep it was.

Kade and I had lots of fun in the water - after you get over the initial chill! (Water temperature was 79 degrees) Don't worry - by mid-July, Jordan Lake will feel like a hot tub!

Kade's absolute favorite thing to do was stand on the back platform, count 1, 2, 3 and jump off in to the water! (Bad angle for the video, but kind of hard to get the other way with an electronic device.)

After some fun playing in the water, it was time for lunch! Such a great decision to add the removable table option to our boat! It's been used several times (and comes with two extra cupholders!)!!

After lunch, we pull up the anchor and drive around... and every boat ride Kade has attended, he has fallen asleep. This was nap #1 for Kade. When Brent picks up speed, Kade is sitting in my lap and I think it literally rocks him to sleep!

 My funny boys!

Some of these pictures are from the lake on Monday - case in point, picture below with Kade looking out at another boat passing. We decided that he wasn't quite big enough for the other type of life jacket (the type Brock is wearing) and went a size down. I also feel safer with him in this type because if something happens, it makes sure his head is up in the correct position, above the water.

My view for about 5 minutes..... next time I'll have more polished toenails.

Group shot with the old fashioned timer setting (no selfie stick here!!).

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Brent's Birthday, Got to Be NC Festival, Touch-A-Truck

Happy Birthday Brent!! Poor Brent was sick as a dog on his birthday. No crazy drinking stories, just a lovely 24 hour bug that, thankfully, stayed just with him!

We tried to make the most of our day and made it a lazy, but fun day! We even bought a new mattress to go on our daybed in the guest room! Yay, now we are ready for our guests!

Still had to have our Carvel ice cream cake for the birthday boy! ....and apparently learned that neither Brock nor Kade love the black crunchies as much as we do. Argh!!

The next day Brent was back to his old self and good enough to even mow the grass! :)

Two days later, Brock and I braved the heat and headed to Raleigh for the Got to be NC Festival at the fairgrounds. Besides the seriously oppressive heat (high of 90 that day), it was really fun. Absolutely free to enter and a mini-version of all the great things about the North Carolina State fair in October.

We arrived at the best time - about 10 minutes before the start of the first pig race. Scored some front row seats and tried to explain to Brock what he was about to watch!

Then we made the best decision - take a ride on the State Fair Flyer. Tickets were $5 one way or $8 round-trip per person. It served as a great way to plan out the sights and to leisurely get to the other side of the fairgrounds.

It was a bit disconcerting not having any sort of seatbelt. I had my hand on Brock at all times! We were quite high up!

Dorton Arena, built in 1952 and really quite an odd looking building. The waterfall feature is to the right with the two flags.

This really was a nice relief in the hot summer morning. The spray felt fabulous!

We settled on some french fries with lots of ketchup and sat in the shade. We were in the car before noon and as we drove away, saw loads of people in line to park for the festival. I could not see staying there in that heat for any longer! We have a long summer ahead of us!

We were able to go out for our Anniversary that night just the two of us - amazing dinner at Angus Barn and a walk around downtown Apex.

On Sunday, the boys and I attempted the Touch-a-Truck event at Apex Community Park. This is where I think I just planned too much. Brock should have stayed home and relaxed.... this was not a good day.

Kade had a great time looking at all the trucks and was so excited running to each one; Brock, however, was completely overwhelmed.

We took a quick selfie and Brock walked up the ramp of this truck before completely melting down on me. I gathered everyone up and we left after 20 minutes.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. :)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Brock's NEW Swimming Lessons

Brock was STOKED to start swimming lessons at mega-gym! He picked out new goggles at Target and he is so cute - reminds me before every lesson to make sure I have them in my bag.

He was a little wary of how deep the water was and this contraption holding up the kids in the "deep end," so it did take him about 5 minutes before he felt comfortable enough to get in the pool.

After watching the other little boy go back and forth from the platforms, he definitely felt more comfortable on his turn.

He is an Aquarian, afterall!! ;)

A quick video of my little swimmer!

Here's two pictures from after a few lessons - he is so much more comfortable in the water now!! He dunks his head in the water and ALL his hair gets wet!

It's amazing to see the progression in such a short amount of time! Good job Brock!!

Mother's Day 2017

The Eason Family trekked down to Cracker Barrel on Mother's Day Sunday for some good eats! While we waited for our table, we scored front row seats on the rocking chair by the chess game!

As soon as we returned home, the boys changed out of their nice clothes for some play clothes and RAN outside to the water table! (Those huge bubble wands were big hits from the housewarming party the day before too!)

A great evening grilling out and a visit to Grandma's too!

Last little comparison... two cuties in matching outfits!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Housewarming Party

Invitations went out four weeks before party date - I figured it would help me get my butt in gear with a deadline to get the house "in order". I also can't stand to see boxes scattered all around and barren walls - I wanted to make this feel more like home as quickly as possible.
 Good thing Brock was here to help! He really does like helping me with little projects!

The boys admiring a 2-minute thunderstorm from the comfort of our front porch!
Yet another picture of Brock helping me with dinner! He was in charge of flipping and removing all pancakes from the griddle. He really did a great job that night!

Finally it was housewarming party day!

Last minute call - we ordered a big bounce house for the kiddos!

Brock and Kade LOVED it! Brock also loved having it for an extra hour that day before all the other party guests arrived!

 Brock in motion!

Alas, I didn't take too many pictures that night - it's hard work being a hostess and the guest of honor!!
"Happy Housewarming" cake from my mother
 Lovely to have some family close by that were able to come too!!
Alyssa (Feranec) Newell, Michael & Laurie Feranec, Nancy & Brian Rosenfeld, Mark Rosenfeld
Brent was working hard this night too! Manning the grill for almost two hours - 36 hot dogs and 40 hamburgers! Everyone did a great job of bringing sides to share - we had veggies, fruit, brownies & pie and even a crockpot of homemade baked beans!
Brion Paulson & Brent
 A water table full of boys - and Helen! :)
Left to Right - Brock, Helen, Ben, Jude, Ryan, Pate 

Kade blowing bubbles
 I just love watching Brock and Kade making friends with the children of my friends! So very cute!!
Giving fist bumps with Lucas (boys are 5 days apart)
 Photo Op on the front steps! Can you tell they were excited?

So much planning for a party that seemed to whiz on by! That's always how it goes! The bounce house was a huge hit and I'm so glad that the rain held off (and the oppressive heat) to make it a successful party. We had so many local friends attend - some of Brent's I finally met for the first time! It was a wonderful way to start making happy memories in our brand new (to us) home! Thank you everyone who came and for everyone who couldn't - we know you would have if you could! And one last special thank you to my brother, Brian, and sister-in-law, Nancy, - thank you for helping in so many ways at yet another event. Counting down the days when I can return the favor! ;)