Friday, April 26, 2013

East Coast Trip - Part I

Brock and I flew to North Carolina to begin our East Coast trip. It was so nice to be back "home" and visit with our family and friends. 

Brent's parents drove all the way from Nashville, Tennessee to see their third grandchild! Brock was abnormally fussy, so after a trip to the doctors to make sure he didn't have an ear infection (or anything else from that germ-infested airplane), it was determined that Brock was not a southerner and was simply hot from the sticky North Carolina humid weather. After a nice nap on the way back from the doctors, Brock was back to his happy smiley self - so glad Barbara and Tom were able to see him that way! 

Both my brothers came in for the weekend to see me and help my mother with a yard sale at her house. How funny it was that they both showed up wearing their ESPN gear. We had to take a picture to show Brent!
On Saturday afternoon, we had a little party for my friends and their children. It was so nice to see everyone - Mommies, their children, and my non-Mommy friends. These babies are getting so big! We think Brock is big.... but not compared to these toddlers or preschoolers!!
Ryan (16 months), Helen, Jill, Alexandra (13 months), Vanessa, Brock (2 1/2 months)
The following day we met at my Dad's house and had lunch with Brock's Great Aunt Carol and Great Uncle Jeff from Charlotte! Unfortunately, Brock had his first official "blow out" and Mommy (aka me) did not come prepared with another outfit so he had to be bundled up in a blanket while we waited for the outfit to get washed. Ooooops!
Brock looking up at his Great Aunt Carol
Then the remainder of the time in North Carolina was spent visiting with family and some more friends!
Uncle David giving Brock a bottle

Jessica feeding Brock at the Flying Saucer.... yes, I took my son to a bar

Will Eberle (Beck's son - 1 year) and Brock looking at each other


Adam: It just fits.

Papa and Brock
 We had a great visit and a great stay at Grandma Debbie's house. Brock is such a good little traveler!

..............Wake up Brock - time to begin Part II of our East Coast tour..............
Brock on his first American Airlines flight

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

East Coast Bound!

Tomorrow we head to the East Coast! Yes, a plane ride with me and Brock ONLY. We'll do fine.... just packing that diaper bag with ANYTHING he could possibly need on the 7 hour plane ride.

We are totally looking forward to the visit - a week in North Carolina to see all FOUR of his Grandparents plus lots of friends, a few days in Annapolis, MD to visit my brother and his girlfriend and then last stop is Fairfield, Connecticut where he'll meet even more family!