Monday, August 19, 2013


Who's that cutie modeling the "Chocolat for Bébé collection", you ask? That's Brock!!

We had a great time this Saturday modeling two different outfits at Zulily's downtown Seattle studio! In case you're not aware of Zulily, it's a website offering daily deals devoted towards moms, babies and kids. I was behind the camera repeating his name, clapping, jumping up and down - all trying to get him to look towards the camera and smile. Brent was stage left, on stand-by for the tumbles - and he had a couple! Brent put his baseball lunges to good use to catch Brock's head before it hit the hard floor! Overall, Brock was great! The photographer said he'll jump straight to the top of the list for a call-back because he was such a happy baby and was able to sit so well! This may not be the last time you see Brock modeling!

yummy leaf
 You can view his pictures on Zulily's main page - Chocolat for Bébé and Molly Pop....although I don't see the Molly Pop picture on the website - I found it on the daily email. His Chocolat pose is on the main site ALL the way down on the bottom right - "best-sellers you'll love". (If you want me to forward you the email of his picture, I will, just ask)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Lazy Weekend...

I think we all needed a nice lazy weekend. We had a wonderful weekend just hanging out with Diesel and Oscar and playing with some new toys!
About 5 seconds after this capture, Brock fell back on his head, poor baby!! (Problems of learning to sit!)
His new "Little People" Woody and Car toy.... he may be a little too young for this one....
We also made time for a little Maggiano's! Brock sat at a big boy high chair for most of the meal! I think he liked being at table level with us! He was very curious about everything on the table and watched us bring every piece of food and our drinks to our mouths. Next time I'll pack some cheerios for him to work on!

This was the adorable capture of him napping on the way to the restaurant! Yup, fell asleep with his fingers in the taggies toy!
And one more of Baby Brock in Uncle Brian's sweater when he was a baby!!
Dumbo sweater made by Brock's Great-Grandmother Lillian

Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to the East Coast

As most of you know, my mom is going through a little battle and having some rounds of chemo, so that is why we continue to bounce back and forth to the east coast.

My cousin, Christopher, and his family were also on the east coast from Germany, so Brock and I managed to make a little weekend stop in Connecticut first to see family. The last time I saw Christopher was eleven years ago - before his wedding to Julia, before my wedding, and before his adorable children came along, Benjamin and Philipp. We had some catching up to do!!
Christopher, Brock & Julia - Brock is more interested in the water below them! (we were at the beach)
Another cousin, Jeffrey, was going to be visiting Connecticut as well - and there were two children in his family we had never met - Lucia and PJ. It was wonderful to see big brother Henry again too!
Jeffrey & Brock
 We had a great time in Connecticut visiting with so many family - and so many little ones!! It was great to see Brock had so many wonderful cousins all over the world!
Henry, Brock & Lucia 
PJ, Uncle Mike, & Brock
Benjamin, Brock & Phillip
Brock did so many new things while he was there too!

Brock played in the water at the beach (in a tide pool... and anyway, it's the Sound, so nothing like the waves at the North Carolina beaches!)
Brock played on the swings at Gould Manor (a park in Fairfield his Mommy, Uncle David and Uncle Brian used to play at)....
Brock learned how to make stuffed cabbage from his Aunt Beverly....
 Brock relaxed on a float with Aunt Christine....
Brock kept Uncle Sam's big recliner warm for his return....
Brock tried his first Cheerio (once it found his way to his mouth)....
 .....But mostly hung out with all of his cousins (and cousins of cousins!)
Hannah, Olivia, Sophia, PJ (4 1/2 months), Philipp (3 years), Sam, Noah, Benjamin (6 years), Brock (6 months), Lucia (2 years), Henry (5 years), Drew, & Thomas (2 1/2 years)     (years are only for direct cousins to Brock)


Then it was on to North Carolina.....

Where Brock got to hang out with his Uncle David! 
 And play with some cool new toys Grandma Debbie and Papa bought for him....
 And some non-toy new things too!
 It was a nice visit and we were glad we could be there to help my Mom. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Six Month Comparison

It's quite apparent that Brock looks JUST LIKE his Daddy. Here's a snapshot of the two of them at six months. They both have the adorable pinchable cheeks, but I think Brock has Brent beat!

And just so I don't feel excluded (that's definitely MY chin), here's a picture of me at six months.