Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fifteen months

Brock Alexander had his fifteen month well-check appointment two weeks ago. (Yes, by the time I'm writing this he is closer to sixteen months). Alas, the portrait session pictures and statistics you will be receiving are his fifteen months! Brock weighed in at 26 pounds, 2 ounces (90th percentile) and 32.75 inches (95th percentile).

He is a "terrorist" as Brent calls him. His favorite thing to do is chase Oscar around the house - loves both of the dogs' tails, but Diesel doesn't scare as easily. Brock loves making noise - the louder, the better. He bangs the metal mixing bowls together, loves shutting doors and loves the little wiggly door stoppers (boooiiing!). He has also started to get really upset if he doesn't get his way and bangs his head on the wall out of frustration. He's just starting to "dance" to music by lifting his shoulders up and down. Brock loves playing outdoors - he loves his walks to the playground and exploring all the little bugs along the way. Brock can sit for a long time by himself and "read" his books and explore the buttons on a particular toy. He is really a happy little boy, very cuddly at times and will get up from his play to come give me a hug.

The rocking horse in the picture with Brock was mine when I was a little girl. It was one of my gifts on my first Christmas. Such a treasure that Brock gets to enjoy it too AND he loves rocking on it!

My First Birthday

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Gonzaga Graduation

Brent, Brock and I traveled to Spokane for Mother's Day weekend to celebrate our cousin's graduation from Law School. Evan, we are super proud of you! :)

It was a really scenic drive there and back. It amazes me how different the middle and eastern parts of Washington State are compared to the Seattle area.... and how big the state is! It took us about 4 1/2 hours to drive from Seattle to Spokane.

Brock was amazed by the "big fans". It was really quite windy on the drive back.

Gonzaga's campus was really pretty. The graduation ceremony was held at the McCarthey Athletic Center - same place as the Gonzaga Bulldogs' basketball games - and the Law School building was right next door! Before the ceremony, Brock released some energy by climbing to the very top of the stands. He was pretty good throughout all the speakers, one of whom was Washington State Supreme Court Chief Justice Barbara Madsen, a Gonzaga Law Alumna herself. He made it until the "K's" so we could clap and holler for Evan, but sorry Kali - couldn't make it to the "M's". Brock finished his nice morning nap in the car with Brent supervising, while I went back to the Champagne Reception at the Law School. What a good husband! :)

Kali, Evan, Andrew & Lauren
It was also so nice to see family. Oh, it's always fun times with the Kleins! Uncle Jeff was awesome with Brock too - he loved all the pictures on his phone and all the funny voices he made!

Law Grads on a bridge over the Spokane River
After a fabulous brunch at Clover (which by the way, the french toast was very good... but just did not compare to Evan's Challah bread french toast), we all headed back to our respective hotel rooms for a little afternoon nap. Then we were back out on the town. Evan and some law school friends had rented out a wine bar for a wonderful get-together with socializing, drinking and appetizers. I think Brock ate all the grapes.
Brock was definitely out later than he usually is - we didn't leave there until almost 9:45pm! He was mesmerized by Great-Aunt Carol's awesome book reading too (poor guy was also a little tired I'm sure). Par for Brock, he really hung in there well!

Such a fun weekend with everyone! Congratulations again Law School Grads!! But we are going to be spoiled.... there are some awesome babysitters moving to Tacoma!! We will see you very soon Evan and Kali!!

And just one more picture of our drive home.... we were just about to cross the Columbia River. Beautiful!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Home!

We moved! We officially moved April 25, 2014 in to our brand new home - a little bigger than the last house so we have room to grow and a little better location for us and for Brock's future school. The first week was a blur of moving boxes and packing paper! Who knew I could fill up 24 boxes for just kitchen and pantry items?? (Probably my mother who helped me pack a lot of it)

 Brock has been enjoying the house for several reasons - he has a big playroom with all of his toys (work in progress - will post pictures once it's a little more "done") and we are super close to lots of little parks. If we walk two blocks one way, we hit one park, one and a half blocks another way, another park, walk two more blocks, another park....and so on!
Hanging out on the treadmill with Daddy
The dogs are enjoying the new digs as well..... literally....
Oscar with a face full of dirt
Diesel tanning
One of the best things about this house are the large windows in the family room and large sliding glass doors off the eating area. It was one of the things that sold us on this house - look at this view!!

Brock says, "Yeah, this house is cool like me!"
We will post more pictures of the inside once it's a little more finished - we don't have any pictures on the wall or books in the bookshelves just yet!