Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Meeting our San Francisco Cousin!!

My cousin Andrew, wife Lauren and daughter Ara flew up from San Francisco to visit their Tacoma/Seattle family this past weekend. From what I hear, Ara did fabulous on her first flight!

It was the absolute cutest to see these little ones "play" together! They are only one and a half months apart! (Ara being older)

The two babies were really great going from one person to another's arms!

Brock missed some of the visit because it was naptime, but then we managed to bribe him in to taking some photos too!! ;)
Diesel got in some play time with Evan and Kali's 5 month old puppy too!

And one more that I stole from Facebook of the San Francisco family.... I didn't take a photo of Mommy Lauren while she was here!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Brock's First Field Trip - Pumpkin Patch Farm

The whole family joined Brock's preschool on their field trip to Carpinito Farms to visit the pumpkin patch. What a cute place! It turned out to be a pretty warm day and the sun was shining!
After listening to the Farmer explain the life cycle of a pumpkin, we all hopped on a hayride!
We toured the farm a bit more, stopped to say hello to some animals.....
....then it was time for the Corn Pit!!

So much fun!! While there we picked up two pumpkins - one "small" one and one jumbo sized!!
The following day, Brock and I went right to work carving out the pumpkin!

Brock was fascinated by the insides of the pumpkin.... but did NOT want to touch it. He liked helping me dump the stuff on the table with his ice cream scooper though! SPLAT!
 Finally.... our pumpkin was complete!!
Happy October!!! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Brock's Art Class

Brock has been going to an Art Class through the Town of Renton with his friend Zoe. We just finished the four Monday session and signed up for the next round because we loved it so much!

The first day the kids made super hero capes! Brock picked up the number 8 (it's his favorite!) and the letter "B"! And he put all the glitter on "all by myself" - which is also his favorite phrase these days.

Week two we played with clay! Brock pressed his left hand in one for a keepsake and pressed some leaves that we picked outside.
He loves play-doh, so he loved this activity, but both our hands were much dirtier playing with clay than play-doh!

The teacher took these to get fired and returned them to us the last week of class. Finished product below....

The third class was super cute. We made spooky lanterns with paper mache and halloween buttons and figures.
Showing off his finished product.... (yes, that's an electronic flameless candle inside) ;)

On our last day, we made peacocks! Painted the bird and then decorated the bird's tail (streamers) with more glitter!! (Helen would be so proud!) ;)
He loves playing with the moving eyes too! (We may have used some on our streamers) I love his concentration getting the glue out with the stick and putting it on his streamer.

The teacher is really great and I'm really happy with all the activities she's chosen for this age group. She even does birthday parties too..... hmmm... ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Grammy & Grandpa Visit Seattle!

Grammy and Grandpa Eason arrived just in time to see Seattle in the rain! (Thankfully they also saw one sunny day too!) Brock went with Brent to the airport to pick them up and was quite confused as to why HE wasn't going on a plane that day!

After stopping at Best Buy on Friday morning to purchase a new washing machine (yay for adult-ing!), we made a stop at a local landmark right down the street from our home - Jimi Hendrix's memorial.
Little stinker Brock actually wanted his picture taken, but did not want to take a picture with Grammy. The rest of the weekend I made sure I took plenty of pictures all together!

Tom's birthday was earlier this month, so we had to treat him to some seafood for his birthday while he was in town! Off we went to Bellevue and had a wonderful EARLY dinner at McCormick & Schmick's. Everyone really enjoyed the food and the boys were surprisingly very well behaved! We may have bribed Brock with some fun at the arcade upstairs if he was a good boy.....

But I think everyone enjoyed the arcade!

Lots of hanging around on Saturday as Renton enjoyed over an inch of rain. (Read lots of football and baseball.) Lots of good snuggles too!
On Sunday the weather cleared and on our way to downtown Seattle, we were actually able to see Mt. Rainier! Our crew stopped at Pike Place Market for some more photo ops.
It was surprisingly not as busy as I thought for a Sunday..... maybe everyone stayed home to mourn another Seahawks loss?
We made our usual pit stop to get powdered and cinnamon donuts - just in time too - they were closing ten minutes after our order! And Barbara and Tom picked me up some gorgeous flowers too. (Not the ones pictured, but just as pretty, if not more so.... after we decapitated a few lilies!) ;)
The Nashville-ites were also able to see the famous fish-throwing vendor in action.... and get some souvenir shirts.

Another wonderful weekend enjoyed with family! Brock was sad to see them head home to Marshmallow.... I mean, Nashville. (It definitely sounded like that one time he said it!)

I know they were so excited to meet Kade, see how much Brock has grown in a year and visit Seattle, but I know Brock and Kade's Tennessee cousins were definitely missing their Grandparents!
Photo credit to Brandi ;)
Hope you all had a nice flight back - Brock asked numerous times, "Where'd Grammy go? Where'd Grandpa go?" :) Perhaps we'll make a stop to Nashville in 2016.