Wednesday, March 30, 2016

First Sunny Spring Day with Friends!

The sun is starting to stay out more and more and the days are starting to get warmer! Yay for Spring!! (technically we already have more daylight than Raleigh!) :P

Since Brock (and Zoe) were sick for Kanoa & Elijah's 3rd birthday party, we scheduled a playdate to meetup and exchange gifts. So happy the weather cooperated and we were able to meet at Coulon Park on Lake house would have been a wreck with four three-year old's (and two crawling babies)!!
It was so cute to get the gang together again! It's amazing to see how big they are all getting!
Oh the activities that Coulon provides.....
Love this action shot of Brock throwing the cheerios!
Feeding the ducks is awesome-sauce!! (And feeding them entire bags of Cheerios is even MORE FUN!)
Kade was such a good baby in the stroller...ended up taking an hour nap!
So much fun running, climbing, and snacking! :) Let's do it again soon!!
Brock, Kade (stroller), Kanoa, Elijah, Zoe & Crosby (in Momma's lap)

Monday, March 28, 2016

I called it!!

Little Kade started crawling on Easter Sunday night. And yes, forward crawling. I said that he would crawl by Easter! (Thanks Kade for not making me a liar)

It has been an interesting day today as Brock has "battened down the hatches;" getting all of his toys as far away from Kade as possible!

Oh boy, another Eason boy on the move!

Hoppy Easter!

Thank goodness we were all better in time for Easter! Brock had some work to do to get ready for that Easter Bunny!! He did a great job coloring the eggs and really was super careful placing them in to the coloring bowls. (Hey, Aunt Bev... we may need to stock up next time we see you.... I think we're down to only three kits left!!) ;)
Video above of Brock doing an Egg-celent job coloring! Sidenote, what in the world.... how does the kid already say "No Momma, pink is for girls/you, not for me." The damage from preschool has already been done!! (Also, Brock learned the word "butt" too this past week...le sigh.....but I digress...)
Finished products with breakfast the next morning - I so missed that smile while he was sick!
Kade enjoyed the colored eggs too!

Brock needed his energy for the EASTER EGG HUNT! I asked Brock if he liked Easter Day on Sunday night and he responded, "Yes, Easter Egg Hunt Day." "No, Brock, today is Easter, did you have a good day?" "No Momma, Hunt, I liked Hunt Day". Oh, okay Brock.

A church down the street from our house was having a hunt and I figured proximity trumped quantity this year. It was a perfect ratio of children to eggs at the church and it worked out great. Uncle Brian and Aunt Nancy had just sent the boys matching bags and Brock was excited to test out the capacity!!

He did a great job! So different from last year when we had to beg him to pick up one! This year he was off! Still funny though - he would pass by three very obvious eggs laying in the grass to get to a particular colored egg (whereas the five year olds had this on point and scooping up all the eggs as fast as they possibly could!)

We went over to a friend's house Saturday night for another little egg hunt with her girls and dinner. Brock definitely has the hunt part down!

Finally, it was Easter Sunday! Brock was a little wary of his Easter Basket appearing next to his bed while he slept, but quickly got over it when he surveyed his bounty!
Brock has been on a Pez dispenser craze lately with daily affirmations that the Easter Bunny would be bringing him a new Pez dispenser. I don't know if he was as excited as he could have been with the BIG dispenser in his Easter basket since someone (Brent) bought him an entire case of various superhero dispensers when he was sick.... spoilage!!
The family got ready quick for early service at church, then returned home for pictures. (just in time to beat the rain!)
Easter Sunday was a wonderful day with the family. We spoke to lots of family on the phone and spent time together relaxing and preparing dinner. Happy Easter to all of you from the Easons!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

It's not easy being sick

This is where my sweet boy has been the last week and a half. Poor Brock started with the flu and *hopefully* ending with a double ear infection. We feel so badly for him - he's lost 2 pounds and I can tell even his extensive vocabulary is suffering (it takes too much energy to make a proper sentence). He's sat still long enough that we've actually watched Inside Out and Monsters, Inc. together (along with numerous episodes of Paw Patrol and Blaze and the Monster Machines!)!

Kade trying to give himself a kiss
We have ventured outside of the house too! On Monday, we visited the Doctor's office (followed by a repeat visit on Saturday).
Brock's trusty blanket was never too far away! That blanket went everywhere with us this past week!

Yup....even to the grocery store!

There was a break in the action for a few days were I thought we were getting better. It was beautiful one afternoon and Brent and Brock actually played a little baseball outside!

I'm including two little movies of Brock's hitting... Brent said he wasn't hitting as hard as he usually does. (One is a slow-mo... Brock LOVES watching it) :)

He is in love with his Paw Patrol play-doh and does pretend play with the molded characters. (Very cute to listen in on!)
Brock is feeling so much better today and we are so thankful he's getting some antibiotics in his system to get this out! Kade is super ready to get in to trouble go play with his big brother again!!