Friday, May 27, 2016

Last Day of Preschool - 3's class

Thursday was Brock's last day of school for the year - wow, that went by fast! This area doesn't really have any 2 year old preschool classes, so we found a program that would allow him in the 3's program even though he was only 2 1/2 when he started.

 We really loved the school and sad to be leaving, but we decided to send him to a different preschool next year for various reasons, one being that it's 10 minutes closer.
He made some really great friends there and I enjoyed talking to many of the Mommies too!
Pajama Day!

 Tonight was the "Spring Celebration/Graduation." We missed the Christmas Concert because we were in North Carolina, so we weren't sure how Brock was going to handle standing up on the stage and singing. He did exactly what I thought he would do....
He was super cute standing up there though. :)

Here's a cute 50 second video of him standing and NOT singing - in case you don't believe me.

Then each of the children were called for their awards and corralled back to the preschool room to wait for parents.
Walking to get his award certificate!
Kade was excited to be there too! He wanted to sing with the big kids! Sorry no picture, he couldn't sit still!

We got to walk around the classroom and gather all of Brock's art projects from the last two months. He was quite enthusiastic to show them to us.
Then it was time to say goodbye to his teachers. I don't think he really understood that this was the end of the year. I know he will miss them. He loves Mrs. Trista and Mrs. Janice and Mrs. Erin!!
What a difference a year makes!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

May trip to the Zoo

The rain and more typical cooler weather has returned to Seattle. We did manage to get one nicer day in - and on a day with no school or other activity scheduled! What do we do? We head to the zoo! (Did not mean to sound like Dr. Suess....)

Brock said the hippos were his favorite thing at the zoo this trip - and this is what you could see of them (the tops of their heads). The picture is blurry, but they are there. 
We packed our lunch, headed out early and were there for the opening at 9:30am. It's about a 35 minute drive from our house - not too bad.
Two year old lions
For some reason there were a LOT of people there that Friday, so we scurried away from the fray and headed up to the "Northwest Trail" - a section we skipped last time, so that worked out well.

This is an enclosed viewing area where on one side are Brown Bears and the other Otters. Kade liked that he was out of the stroller and could actually see something besides people!
Watching him watch the fish makes me think we really should go to the Seattle Aquarium soon - we actually have yet to go!

 Brock pointed out the elk to me. Elk and rabbits living on the hillside together - he pointed out which one was which.

 And we can't forget about the wolves! Every time we pass them, Brock informs me they look JUST LIKE Diesel. Yeah, but a little different Brock.

This is also where in our trip, I made the mistake of showing Brock how he can stand on the stroller on the back and hold on to the handles (it's made for that on this stroller). He had fallen and scraped his knee and I told him he could hop on the stroller with Kade. Yeah.... the rest of our walking around the zoo was with Brock demanding to ride on the back of the stroller. I got my workout in!

Kade liked the penguins too. Didn't quite like sitting on that cold rock, but he liked watching them swim!

A quick stop to look at the tigers and then it was off to lunch!

We spent some time in the "Zoomasium" area - an indoor playground area - smaller area for Kade to crawl around and bigger one for Brock. It's always nice to let them run around a bit before seeing more animals.

 Then we traversed to the Rainforest to see leopards and lemurs! See the Red Ruffed Lemur on the tree trunk? It's the red blob near Brock's elbow.

Last stop was the gorillas. Really just amazing to watch them. They really are so much like us.

 Fun trip to the zoo! The boys were nice and tired out by the time we reached the car to come home! I call that a successful day!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Brent!

May is FULL of birthdays in our family! Lots of Tauruses.... I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing... ;) Brock was mostly excited - asked where his presents where a few times when wrapping Daddy's, but otherwise, birthdays are fun!

We had a good week looking forward to Brent's birthday! Got in some play time with the water table before the cool/rainy weather came back.

Comcast sent a special birthday coupon for Brent's birthday for a free movie - and Brock finally got to watch his Star Wars! (He got about halfway before losing his interest - not bad for 3.33 years old!)
Super excited for his first "big boy movie" [at home]
Then it was time for birthday day!
I made Brent's favorite meal - chicken parmesan with my famous breaded chicken followed with a DQ Oreo Blizzard ice cream cake! Yum!
Kade loved the pasta and chicken! He is such a good little eater these days (as long as it's not pureed... he's been spitting that right back at me).

Time for presents!!
Brock painted one picture and also picked out a new shirt for him at TJ Maxx. Then ALL the kids got together to make him a picture.

What a fun day! Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Monday, May 9, 2016

A Spring Update!

 It's been a bit crazy in our house the last month. At least one person continues to be sick somehow.... mostly poor Kade. We've been so busy with preschool and playdates with friends and activities and a trip to Connecticut too!

It has been absolutely gorgeous here. Perhaps one day of gloomy rain and then five days of warm sun - this will be interesting to see what summer brings! The water table has already made its debut and Kade is practicing his standing to get a turn playing in it too!
Last day for this hat - too small!!
He's not such a fan of his hats though. Actually, there are lots of things that Brock was way more "easy going" with that Kade is just not having. He's definitely a little fighter! Funny to see Kade is actually fighting back when Brock tries to take a toy from him - little Kade holds on to it with all his might and yells at him!

 Brock and I enjoyed a little mommy & me time at a preschool festival on Mercer Island. Brock loved playing all the awesome throwing games.
Shooting the basketball
He tried some cotton candy, but didn't like it!

 We had a fun playdate with our bestie Zoe - they were only quiet when they were eating! ;)

On Tuesday, April 26th, we received a call that my Uncle Sam had passed away. He was 93 years old. We decided that we would all make the trip to be with my family for the funeral and flew out two days later.
Mount Rainier on the way from SEA to JFK
It was bittersweet - good to see my family - most of which I haven't seen since Brian and Nancy's wedding last May - but for sad circumstances. Brock and Kade did pretty well on the flight and my cousin Katherin and family welcomed our four into their home for the weekend. My mother, David, Brian and Nancy stayed with Aunt Beverly.
Claire, Brock & Amelie
I think Brock and Kade enjoyed hanging out with their cousins!

Upon our return home, the boys let off more steam at Wiggleworks in Bellevue. Two more months of going there now while Kade is free!

 And finally, to catch you all up on what we've been up to.....
Brock blowing bubbles for Kade
More outside fun!