Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July

Oscar, the Boxer... because just knowing that he's a boxer makes him less scary.... riiiight (long story)

Moss everywhere!

Since this year's 4th of July was going to be such a nice day in Seattle, we decided to go on a nice hike to Squak Mountain. It was gorgeous terrain with pretty wildflowers trying to grown at the sunnier spots and moss on everything due to the plentiful rain. We packed a nice lunch with sandwiches and strawberries and enjoyed the peacefulness of the forest (and the panting husky begging for some more cheese) while we ate.

Unfortunately Seattle-ites are crazy about their fireworks and started shooting them off at noon that day, so we didn't make it to the top because the husky was getting a little upset.  We will definitely be back so we can see the neighboring Poo Poo Point (another mountain, part of the Issaquah Alps). Hahahaha! Love the name!
Stopping for our picnic lunch!

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