Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So you know that scene in Fried Green Tomatoes where Kathy Bates' character takes out her road rage on some younger women that pissed her off?

I'm sure we've all been there, wishing we could do exactly that. But there is this little something inside us that prevents us from acting upon these insane ideas. At least so I thought until last Friday.

As I was driving to work Friday morning, I drive down this long hill and because I drive speedy (like 10 over the speed limit), I tend to pass people. (Sidenote - Ask Brent, I have gotten a LOT better since living here - you REALLY can't go over 10 here otherwise the cops are all over you....mostly because you stick out like a sore thumb since everyone else is driving slow as molasses) Anyway... as I was driving down the hill, I passed this man in a Ford truck. He didn't like it one bit and threw his arms up in the air. At the bottom of the hill, we were both stopped at the light for a good minute and all of a sudden, I felt a THUMP.

He hit me.
He hit me on purpose.

I got out of the car and asked him if he just hit me on purpose. He proceeded with a rant of "Don't worry about it. You're an idiot." which led me to call the police. He waited just long enough for two cycles of the light and for me to get his license plate and then said "Byeeeee!" and fled the scene of the crime. Oh boy, now it's a hit and run!!!

Long story short, the police called him and was able to provide me his insurance and even though Washington law is stupid and I really can't get him arrested for the hit and run, I am in the middle of going through the process of getting my tiny little scratch fixed so at least he'll feel my wrath through the increase of his insurance bill! What a dummy!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Striped Bass

I took a short ride out into the sound off the coast of CT.  After a few scattered bites, this 31 inch Striper decided to make the trip quite memorable.  Thanks again to Capt. Uncle Sam Rotolo for taking me out on his boat for the day. 
(written by Brent Eason)

Closure in Connecticut

First, let me start by saying we were both really looking forward to going to Connecticut. We were getting a break from the cold in Seattle, going to see family that we haven't seen in awhile and getting to eat amazing food cooked by my Aunts (and Duchess)! Most importantly we were traveling there to bring Kensie to her resting place above my Grandmother.

It was a gorgeous day and the priest gave Kensie and our entire family a beautiful blessing. One of my mother's cousins, Marilyn Feranec, made a small pink and brown blanket for her to be wrapped in and we included a few other things to be set with her. The stone had already been placed in the ground and it was bittersweet to see. We know that she is in the absolute best hands possible - God and my Grandmother.
The stone was a little dirty, but it will match my Grandmother and Grandfather's stone and because my Connecticut Aunts are so amazing, she will always be surrounded by various flowers.
On the way home from our Connecticut trip, Brent shared a picture from his parents. Barbara and Tom Eason mounted a cross in their rose garden with Kensie's name on it. We understand it was too far of a journey for them to be present for the service and we think it is so sweet there is something in Nashville in her memory.
Thank you to everyone who helped or even thought about us this past weekend. Also Brent and I would like to extend our gratitude to the family and friends who donated in her name to such charities like the March of Dimes. We will always carry her memory as we look towards the future.

Monday, June 4, 2012

New House!

We're officially moved in! We spent all Memorial Weekend (and almost every day since) unpacking and putting things away. I definitely had a lot more energy to unpack last time since 1) I did not have to pack anything in Raleigh and 2) I did not have a job at the time! Even so, Brent and I do a little every night and think things are coming along nicely. :)
A nice big kitchen to put all of our things in! A huge island for us to prepare many dinners together!

I love my pantry! The builder had that annoying wire shelving in here (mad I didn't take a before picture), but the new layout is SO MUCH BETTER! It's like entering into a grocery store! :)

And what house wouldn't be complete without a "man room". Yup, this is Brent's cave, complete with his elk and deer already mounted. Diesel just likes coming up here and sitting under the elk head. 

We'll post more pictures as the place gets a little more decorated. Owning a house is always a work in progress!!