Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter and Baptism Weekend!

The Eason House was filled with guests this Easter weekend for an extra-special occasion! Brock was getting baptized on Easter Sunday! My mother and Mia flew in on Wednesday morning and Brian and Nancy flew in very late Wednesday evening. My dad followed on Friday morning. Even our cousin, Evan, came in Friday afternoon and stayed with us that evening for a short visit before his first Ultimate Frisbee game in Vancouver, Canada!

Brian and Nancy toured the Pike Place Market on Thursday, complete with a stop for mini-donuts and the original Starbucks coffee shop. Nancy took advantage of all the fresh hand-picked flower stands and brought a bouquet home for us to enjoy for Easter! Evan took them to Fremont on Friday to have Thai and explore the area while my Mother, Father, Brock and I traversed Ballard for the perfect challah bread. 

After a quick baptism rehearsal at the church on Saturday, the entire family squeezed into the Highlander to head to Alki Beach for dinner. Even though it was windy and rainy, we managed to get in the amazing views of the ocean and tall Seattle buildings from across Puget Sound.

The view from dinner was amazing. We ate at Salty's on Alki Beach and the seafood was so fresh. The service was top-notch - Brock was highly impressed as the first thing he received in his high chair was a fabulous green balloon!
Brock looked adorable in his Easter outfit - blue gingham shortalls with a smocked top of cute yellow ducks complete with white knee socks! In the morning he wore a nice white sweater handmade by his Great-Grandmother Lillian Rosenfeld.
Brock was such a good boy for the service. He usually goes to the childcare room for church, so we were not sure how he was going to act - especially sitting right in the front row! At the rehearsal, all he wanted to do was climb up on the altar!

The baptism was really something as we all filed out of the sanctuary singing "Wade in the Water" to the vestibule area where the baptism font sits. And Brock was a good sport having water poured on his head!

Everyone laughed when the Reverend took Brock from Brent's arms - all 28 pounds of him!

 Brent right before hoisting Brock up "Lion King style" as the Reverends put it.

 Brock also received his first Communion that day! Either he really liked it or he was rather hungry to eat a communion wafer. :)

It really was a wonderful morning and a beautiful service. We missed having Katherin Alexandra Topar-Michon there as his Godmother, but we know she was thinking about us all day, as we were thinking of her. Katherin is living in Burundi, Africa and had planned a family vacation of her own to Cape Town months before I asked if she would be Brock's Godmother. We all completely understand that Katherin couldn't be there and that is why when we are able to visit with her and her family, it makes it that much more special. :) Nancy did a great job as a stand-in for Katherin, a true test of her Auntly duties now that she is officially becoming part of our family in 2015.

And then there was cake! And lots of it! I ordered a 10" round, four-layer white cake with strawberry filling and white butter-cream frosting for the big day. I know how much my mother loves cake, so I did not want to disappoint!
I don't think you understand how massive this cake was for the seven of us! We are on day five of officially eating it and it is STILL here!
Don't mind the messy hair
Brent and I want to thank my Mother, Father, Brian and Nancy for flying all the way from the East Coast to be here for Brock's baptism. It was a wonderful weekend with all of you.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

And I'm packing again.....

I do not believe the Eason Family can live in a house longer than 2 years (we better stay longer in the next house!!). We have just completely outgrown our house (probably on Day 1 of moving here) and with all of Brock's stuff, we are bursting at the seams! Thankfully the housing market in Seattle is awesome, so we were able to make a little money on this house, affording us the ability to move once again and buy a little bigger. I am so excited as the new house will actually have a playroom for Brock and an office for Brent! Two areas that were elbowing in to my kitchen space!

Moving day is set for April 25th! So exciting! I will be sending out new address information via email and posting pictures once the house is officially ours. So happy that Spring is here too so we have two things to look forward to - Brock exploring the outside world!

Such a funny guy.
There's always time for a little Peppa Pig