Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fun at KidsQuest Museum

I scheduled a MOPS playdate at KidsQuest Museum today, but only one other mom (out of 8) came with her child. Oh well - we still had fun! Brock LOVED the water area - my little aquarian. This place is slightly expensive ($9 PER person), but I discovered the King County Library offers free tickets to a few museums in the area if you sign up for a particular day ahead of time - sweet deal!

Brock is my little hoarder. He wanted to hold all the balls and only play with the plastic plates in the water - you're supposed to drop the balls in the water at the top and watch them go down the waterfall. Nope, not happening. This was a video from AFTER lunch and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he was a little tired at this point (we left about 5 minutes after this video ended).

But he had lots more fun in the other sections of this museum too!
This section allows children to play with the wind in big tubes - you stuff the scarf in the tube and it shoots out from the top. He had so much fun! "This-a one!!"

 He conquered the slide like a pro!
Then it was time for lunch - just a short walk through the mall to Panera - a treat for me too! Brock is usually really good out for lunch with me. He's such a good mac cheese eater. ;)

 We came back for just a bit to play with the water again - I knew he was tired, but he was such a good boy at lunch, I thought we'd try for a bit.
Oh my goodness - this face when he's thinking/working. It kills me, I love it so!

A very successful morning out as Brock has almost been napping for three hours now. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Haircut and School!

We had a fun week so far! Brock had a hair appointment on Monday - boys' hair grows way too fast!! We made an early appointment at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue because there are so many fun things to do while we wait!
And would you believe Brock actually rode the Carousel and let me make it move? (Every other thing he's riding on, I had to assure him it was NOT going to move.) See video below!

He was a really good boy for his haircut - at least a lot better than the last time. He only got upset at the end when she had to do the front of his hair and the pieces were falling down in his face and in to the bucket of toys that were occupying him.
What a cutie eating his lunch at the mall!!

What a difference it is when Brock is feeling better! Here are some pictures from today at school. Apparently the topic for the next two weeks are bugs! This was a sensory table with brown rice (like dirt) filled with shovels, rakes, pails, plastic flowers, and BUGS! He loved holding the ladybug and was fascinated with the dragonfly.

 He played so well with his friends Kanoa and Elijah! It was adorable to see them playing together!

And lastly, a video from earlier this month - too cute not to share. He loves dancing to "Daddy's song".

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Big Boy Room!

The time has come for Brock to move in to his big boy room! The furniture was complete and the ceiling fan installed, thanks to Brent!!

He has been practicing turning his dump truck lamp on and off, compliments of Grandma Debbie.

Brock loves his new bedding from Grandpa and Gammy Eason! When he called to thank them tonight he listed ALL of the different sports balls on his quilt! Thank you so much - it really makes the room look like a "big boy room" (but not too big)! ;)

The shelf looks adorable too with all of his things on it!!

The bedding was finally complete, so we figured it was time for the transition. Daddy read him a book on his new bed and we maneuvered the pillows (and a blanket under the fitted sheet) so he won't fall out. He does have a queen... so he should have lots of room to move around before he actually tumbles!!

We'll let you know how it goes after night number one in Brock's new room!

Good to be home!

Brock and I have enjoyed being back home this past week and a half! Brock missed his bed (too bad the clock has been ticking on the end of that) and his toys!
Paint with Water
We had a few errands to run around town when we came home - Brock is moving in to his big boy bed very soon - so a trip to Ikea was in order!
Shopping while Brock was eating his frozen yogurt was soooo much better!
This past Thursday was gorgeous and since it was Spring Break, we decided to spend the morning at Kelsey Creek Farm again and check out the animals. Brock loves this place!
Pacific Northwest!
Checking out the goats
This time we investigated the sandbox too!
We just happened to catch them giving Dixie the Pig a bath. It amazed me how large this animal was!

We were also back in my Nanny schedule - and it's getting so nice to be able to get outside with the kids too!
The best part of being back home, says Brock, is being able to play with all the cool toys that we picked up in our adventures on the East Coast. Here Brock is trying out his construction hat and work vest from Godmother Katherin!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

The Eason Family had a wonderful Easter weekend! It was fantastic to just be in our own home this weekend with Brent and enjoy the holiday. We dyed eggs on Saturday and Brock was fascinated by it! The little kit we used from Aunt Beverly included a wax pencil and Brock really liked drawing on the eggs and seeing his design after it was colored.
Brock has been anticipating the Easter Bunny's arrival for weeks now! He was ready for "Presents and Chocolate" and thanks to Papa teaching him what "candy" was.... that was also included on the list of things the Easter Bunny was going to bring!
Standing next to my beautiful weeping cherry tree in full bloom!
After a quick look at his Easter basket, we rushed to get ready for the early service at Church. Doesn't Brock look adorable in his little vest and bow-tie from Grandma Rosenfeld?
My handsome men!
We returned for a more leisurely breakfast, complete with our colored easter eggs and then an early dinner with ham, potatoes and Brock's favorite veggie - broccoli!

Happy Easter everyone! Can't believe it's been one year since this picture.....
Easter 2014

Saturday, April 4, 2015

North Carolina Spring Visit

After a quick flight from NY with Grandma (and Brock asking "Where's Grandma??"...sorry Brock - Grandma is sitting in first class), we were back in North Carolina - unfortunately it seemed we brought the cold air with us (until the very end of our week there).

Brock and I had fun with some new stops on this NC trip and some old favorites. :) We drove over to Chapel Hill to do a little shopping for Daddy and Baby 2.0. On the walk back to the car, Brock spotted a blue fire truck! He loved it!
We had to stop at Bojangles at least once! Brock thoroughly enjoyed the biscuit and french fries.... maybe there is a little southern blood in him after all!

Brock has been talking about Chuck E. Cheese pretty much since we visited last November. It was amazing how different he was this trip - he put the coins in all the machines by himself and had so much fun playing the various games. Still no ride-on games though!!

His favorite was definitely the mini-basketball game. It was pint-sized just for him and even though he missed way more than he made, he loved it! His face lit up when the tickets would shoot out at the end of the game!
Such a boy. 75 tickets and he picks out a black plastic spider. He was so proud of his choice!

On Saturday (a week and one day before Easter) morning, Brock participated in the City of Apex's Easter Egg Hunt. Don't blink - it was over in 90 seconds! We tried to prepare Brock for how to tackle the Hunt, but it was mass chaos and if I hadn't taken his hand and helped him with a few eggs, I don't know if he even would have picked up one! It was also majorly cold that morning, so that probably didn't help his mood. Poor Uncle Brian was holding a not very happy Brock who more enjoyed kicking the basket and dumping the eggs out than enjoying and examining his loot.

Carrie, Luca (7 1/2 months), Jude (2 1/2 years, Shaunis' child), Jennifer, Allison (20 months), David (4 1/2 years), & Brock (2 years)
After the Easter Egg Hunt, Brock and I had plans to meet a few of my friends and their children at Kids Together Park in Cary. It was so nice to see some of my friends - some of whom I haven't seen since our Reception party almost four years ago!!

Following a very busy morning, Brock stayed at Grandma's house with Uncle Brian and my mom and I drove out to High Point for Bridal Shower #2 for Nancy!! Sidenote - Brian did a very good job babysitting his Godson and completed a very important first - changed his first diaper!! Congrats Brian!!
Beautiful Bride-To-Be!
Nancy had a beautiful shower hosted by her maid-of-honor, Chelsea. I was so impressed by how many of the gifts she received at this shower were more personal. For example, one friend took Nancy's love for wine and incorporated a gift for "moments in a married life". She is expected to open a new bottle and attached card for each listed moment - so sweet! Another gift was a basket complete with everything she could possibly need for the morning before her wedding!

The remaining days of our time in North Carolina were spent with Grandma and Papa (after his return from Haiti on Sunday with his missions trip) just hanging out enjoying the beautiful (finally!!) weather.

Papa took Brock to a Bounce place in Apex and he LOVED it! He is getting so independent - climbed up the ladder all by himself and slid down, then repeated the process about another dozen times!!
That is a pretty tall slide when you're only 37 inches!!
I packed one pair of shorts for him and thank goodness we were able to wear them!!

We returned home on Wednesday and even though it was a really long day (4 hour flight to Denver, 3.5 hour layover and 2.75 hour flight to Seattle), Brock was amazing! He is such a good traveler and loves a window seat! Thanks North Carolina - it's been fun, but it was nice to come home!
Rocking his Beats headphones!
Selfie by Brock!!