Saturday, June 27, 2015

Happy BIRTHday Kade Thomas!

Kade Thomas Eason was born on June 23rd at 1:03pm, weighing 7 pounds, 11 ounces and measuring 20 inches long.  He was a little smaller than we expected, but oh so perfect! 

Last picture of pregnant Vanessa EVER!
Tuesday was our planned Cesarean day. We spent the morning talking with Brock about where Mommy and Daddy were going and giving Grandma some last minute instructions for her babysitting duties.

Before long, we were all checked in, prepped for surgery and ready to meet our new little guy!

Kade came out peeing in true boy style! The doctors worked to clamp off the umbilical cord and clean him up a bit and suddenly I hear, "He has the scissors, he has the scissors!" Apparently my powerful little boy put his little fingers perfectly in the finger holes of the scissors and would not loosen his grip when the doctor tried pulling them away! He may be smaller than Brock, but he is definitely very strong and way more feisty!

After a nice little sponge bath, Kade was ready to nurse. He likes to eat and is a very good sucker!

I spent two hours after surgery in the recovery room, then they moved us to the Mother/Baby Room (and Daddy!) where we stayed for two nights. It is amazing how differently I felt after this procedure than the last. I was ready to have visitors that same evening!

My mom came and brought Brock to meet his new little brother!

I think Brock was a little overwhelmed at the hospital - too many new things and new buttons to press! He liked that he received two presents from his new baby brother!

We left the hospital on Thursday afternoon and we were all glad to be going home. Our family is complete and we couldn't be happier that he's here and he's healthy. Here's wishing to a happy sleepy baby and a tantrum-free toddler - at least until my recovery is over! Welcome home Kade - we love you!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Brock's last week as an only child!

Brock and I have tried to stay a little busy this past week doing some fun things before Mommy will be out of commission for a bit.
Don't mind our weeds.... it is like a jungle on that side of the house! (They have since been removed)
Last weekend we added a sandbox to our outdoor play things. Fabulous Craig's List find - it was free! It has a table and bench attached (and a hole for an umbrella, just no umbrella included) so if Brock wanted to have a little snack there, we could do that too!
Big enough for two little boys?
Brock loves the sandbox and thoroughly enjoys taking a "sand bath".

Brock, Kanoa, & Elijah
I scheduled a hair appointment for Brock since I'm not sure when we'll be able to get out and do it again. I like that Wiggleworks (an indoor play area) is right next-door so he can get some of his sillies out beforehand - and we ran in to some friends of ours! (Sidenote - I find it weird when it happens. Yes, I know we've been in Seattle for four years now, but the fact that I know people when I go in to a different city or stop at the library, for example.... it's pretty cool. Starts to feel a lot more like home.)

Another fun activity with the water table is watering Daddy's lime tree.... oh so carefully too!

Did someone say ice cream?? (Frozen Yogurt to be exact)

Brock and I checked out a new park on Mercer Island for a playdate with his preschool friends. Brock thoroughly enjoyed throwing as many rocks as possible in Lake Washington at Luther Burbank Park (I enjoyed the view!).

And to cap it off, we all went out for dinner tonight, our last as a family of three!
Technically I am 38 weeks 4 days, but as the Cesarean section is scheduled for this Tuesday, it's as close as it's going to be to taking this "last time picture" (at least when I'm looking all nice!). We are going to try to take one last picture before heading to the hospital on Tuesday, but we may also be distracted with other things. ;)

That's one big belly!! (But spending all this time outside with Brock, at least I'm nice and tan!) ;)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Strawberry Picking!

Walking with our basket to find our row
We went strawberry picking today!! It was gorgeous.... and hot, but we got there early so it wouldn't be so bad. Apparently we weren't the only ones thinking this and as we pulled up 10 minutes after the place opened, there were tons of people already picking! In case you care, this is Remlinger Farms in Carnation, WA.
This brought back memories for Brent - picking berries - and he proceeded to show Brock and me the correct way to pick the berries from the plant!
Brock liked the fact you could eat them right away. I think he had at least eight strawberries this morning standing in the field!
Brock showing me his "strawberry face"
I tried not to bend down too much and pick the strawberries and Brent seemed right at home picking all the good ones - so I left the boys to do the work and I just took pictures. :)
Poor Brock was all flushed when we got in the truck!
Brock posing with our haul - 5.8 pounds of strawberries at $1.50 per pound - a good price and they taste delicious! I have popsicles in the freezer for dessert, a small container for us to eat now, and the remaining strawberries are washed and on their way to bags for us to freeze for later! Yum!
And one more picture of sweet Diesel in his hole yesterday trying to keep cool. 84 yesterday, 86 today and 87 tomorrow - whew! (It makes a difference people when you don't have air conditioning in your house!! - and nine months pregnant!!!)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Last Weekend of May Fun

Brock and I had a really fun weekend! On Friday, we started out with an awesome playdate at Zoe's house and tried out her new playset! He really loves the sandbox..... I've been scouring Craig's List for a good used one to add to our backyard.

Saturday evening we had plans to check out Evan and Kali's new house in Tacoma! We had to take advantage of their awesome backyard and get the professional ultimate frisbee player to give Brock a few lessons. ;)
Dinner was fabulous - thanks for grilling and cooking for us - and I'm sure the cats slept really well after Brock left! :)
On Sunday, Brock and I ventured in to Seattle for the Touch-A-Truck festival. I think every 18 month to 6 year old little boy was in attendance!
Brock LOVED this. Everything had a line to actually get in the driver's seat, so we really only waited for the dump truck. He was fine with just walking around the vehicles and looking at the wheels anyway, so it didn't bother him.
Driving the dump truck!
We saw lots of different trucks - he liked the military trucks too (and the soldiers).
Hemtt A4 Military Recovery Truck (Wrecker)
We got some cool free stuff - stickers, tattoos (see on arm), chocolate milk, etc - before we made our way to the neighboring playground to let off some more steam.
How cool - a sandbox with construction vehicles!! Brock loved all the different trucks at the festival. It was fitting because we just got a book out of the library called "Truck Stop" that has a bunch of different vehicles (eighteen wheeler, moving truck, delivery truck, etc) so it was good repetition they were here too! Even a green recycling truck like Rocky from Paw Patrol!

I guess I'm going to have to get used to this "boy world" life. I have a feeling next year we'll be back again - with TWO little boys!