Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy 3 Months Kade!

Kade turned three months on Wednesday, THREE MONTHS! I guess he's not an infant anymore, but a real baby.... well, he was always a baby... the little brother. :)

He's been super cute with his Wubba Giraffe - he loves chewing on the ear if he can't find the paci part, but he loves just holding it too.

Kade loves to smile and he is becoming more interested in watching Brock - which Brock adores, of course! He lasts a bit longer doing tummy time now, considering we seem to primarily do tummy time while Brock is napping (or at school)! He is a great sleeper, but really bad at getting to sleep. I have to bounce him in my arms until he passes out, then gently lay him down in his crib - usually takes three times for me to do it just right so he'll stay asleep. Brent and I divide and conquer - he puts Brock to sleep and I work with Kade.

The University of Washington asked if Kade would participate in a study. They offered a $30 gift card for our time (two trips) and trouble, which was nice, but I agreed mainly because I thought it would be interesting to be included in the study. The scientists explained how it would work: they put a little earbud in his right ear and Kade listens to adults saying various vowel sounds...occasionally he will hear a different vowel sound and they are watching for his reactions. Today he received a shirt and I thought it looked darling on him (albeit a little large as it's a 2T!).
Future Husky - class of 2037
Happy three months, our sweet baby Kade!
Unofficial three month stats: 24 inches and 14 pounds

Oh, and here's a picture from our portrait session at JC Penny... the worst session I've ever had.... for multiple reasons. (Keep in mind, this was the best picture....)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Washington State Fair 2015

The Washington State Fair is in town! What is more fun to "ride" at the fair than construction equipment?? ;)
He wanted to get on every single one! I know this is a typical boy thing.... but he's also got it in his genes - from Grandpa Eason and Great-Grandpa Topar (my Mom's Father).
Brent and Brock LOVE the Draft horses. They have some serious muscles.

Brock rode the tractor tricycles again and we've discovered he needs some practice with pedals. It also didn't help that these were still a little big for his legs! Push, Brent, push!!
Brock and I took our obligatory Goose picture this year... yeah, Kade was there too, I promise. Just don't wake a sleeping baby - even for a family picture. ;)

Brock had so much fun this year on the rides - yes, we let him go on two. He chose the airplane one (where you have to maneuver the steering wheel to make it go up) and the carousel.
He's such a big boy, up there all by himself!
He had so much fun, he's been asking to go back to the fair everyday since! Sorry Brock, only one time a year!
Our last stop of business - we all shared a strawberry scone with whipped cream. I think we finished it off in record time this year, so sorry, no pictures. :)

Last days of summer

We've been enjoying the last few weeks of summer. One particular day, I took the boys down to Coulon Beach Park - it had been awhile, but Brock loves the awesome playground and the waterfowl. ;)

We did not listen to the signs and brought bread from home to feed the ducks..... perhaps next time we will listen. These ducks were insane! Hopped right out of the water and one actually grabbed a big piece of bread right out of Brock's hand! Brock and I both were yelling at them "Go back in the water ducks!"
After our near-death experience (attack of the ducks), we began our trek around the floating piers to watch for boats. Such beautiful views of Mercer Island.
It was a nice hot day and Brock enjoyed putting his feet in the cold water. Kade was nestled safely in the carrier for the park trip. :)

Of course we've also had some fun brother time at home. Brock has started being really gentle with Kade - giving gentle hugs, etc. I am super glad.... Kade survived the first three months with no bruises. ;)
Kade enjoyed his first proper playdate too! Zoe's little brother, Crosby is 2 months and 1 day older than Kade - yay first friend!
Happy boys - bye bye summer! Now we just have to explain to Brock that he's got to start wearing pants.....

Thursday, September 10, 2015

My big boy Preschooler!

He was angry at me because I wouldn't let him wear his gym pants
My big boy just started preschool today! The real kind where I drop him off and leave him in the care of two teachers among twelve other children! He's there for two and a half hours to learn and grow and socialize all on his own without his Mama or Daddy.

He did cry when I dropped him off, but Teacher assured me he only cried for two minutes and then was perfectly fine the rest of the time. He did scowl a couple of times for her (see below in regards to the water for snack time - I can totally picture that!)
He wasn't ready to provide me the morning's activities when he got in the car, but I lingered in his bed before naptime today and then he shared. It was adorable the things he remembered and how he told me. Brock explained his hand got dirty and he punched the paper to make a bunny. (Finger-painting) Then he kicked the ball and told a little girl it was his ball (playtime in the gym). He had blue and green and red goldfish, but didn't like that water in the cup. (Snack time) Lastly, he sang a song about a truck going beep. (Circle time)
Showing off his baseball backpack!
I'm really quite amazed and so excited he's excited. He is definitely his father's son, a little talker. It took me awhile to share events with my parents about school; hopefully Brock will continue to tell me things.

And I'm happy to report Brock is getting better in his interactions with Kade. I can see he genuinely cares about him - after asking about Daddy's whereabouts, the next question in the morning is "Kade asleep?" He loves holding his hand and now when he cries, I've caught him a few times going over to him, honestly gently patting his leg, and saying "It's okay Kade."
Thank you Great-Aunt Carol & Great-Uncle Jeff for the outfit!
Sweet baby Kade with your big blue eyes!