Wednesday, October 31, 2012

28 weeks!

Happy Halloween everyone! We had about twenty kids come to the door this year and it was really fun to see the neighbors' kids all dressed up! Diesel loved meeting all the kids and getting some extra attention; unfortunately Oscar was just not a fan of the doorbell ringing. We got one new dog costume this year and they both had to share it. I think it would be really cute, but it doesn't seem to "fit" either of them - it just falls in their eyes! Silly boys, we still think you're cute in your cowardly lion outfit!

Brent had a busy last weekend putting together the central point of the nursery! He did an amazing job and the crib looks great in the room. We are looking forward to working on the other finishing touches for when we welcome Baby Boy Eason into his room!
Smile Brent!

Making sure the crib is all secure for baby!

Daddy, I'm just helping you get this plastic into tiny little pieces to make it easier for you to carry downstairs, k?

All done with a stuffed animal husky in the crib!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

27 weeks!

So is it the start of the Third Trimester or not? Wikipedia says yes, Baby Center says not until 28 weeks. Regardless, here I am at 27 weeks! Whoohoo!

I've been feeling great.... during the day. Do we have to discuss how my nights have been? I wake up to flip sides every 2-3 hours (some nights every hour) and sometimes one side just aches until at least mid-morning. I'm learning to cope with the lack of sleep and thinking that naps after work may be beneficial in the future. All in preparation for a newborn though!! I took my glucose test on Friday and all is good - no gestational diabetes!

We're all waiting for you to arrive little one!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

26 weeks!

We're at 26 weeks today and it's definitely showing! I was out measuring a seven-story building renovation this morning in Seattle and I think that will be the last time I do that for awhile!

Before my staircase exercise, the dogs and I dropped Brent off at the airport so he could fly to JFK. He'll be in the New York office tomorrow, Bristol on Friday and then hanging out with the Rotolos and Hannas in Fairfield before returning to Seattle on Sunday. Here's hoping for good weather so perhaps him and Uncle Sam can catch something while fishing this Saturday. Try to catch something for the husky!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

25 weeks & Salmon Days

25 weeks today and I am definitely feeling this belly is getting in the way of normal activities. I'm adjusting daily activities like sitting down and rushing to tie my shoes as fast as I possibly can or practicing the pliƩs I learned from elementary grade while picking things up off the floor. I love being pregnant and I love that I get to feel the little guy kick so often. We are so blessed to be having a healthy baby boy and now that things are progressing a little further, it is getting much more exciting to prepare for his arrival.

This past weekend we visited the nearby town of Issaquah to participate in the Salmon Days festival. Yes, quite a reminder that we live in the Northwest!! Issaquah has a working Salmon hatchery which is pretty cool to walk around and see the different life cycles of this fish. They have one area where you see the fish from the side of the tank (think big aquarium like in the zoo). Last year Diesel saw the fish right away and went up and licked the glass window - this time he was a little more distracted by the other dogs, but he did catch a glimpse of them.... and their smell! We enjoyed walking up and down the tents looking at the crafts (mostly about salmon or bears or glasswork - all very popular in this area) and all the different types of food (Fried Halibut anyone? You don't see that at a food booth in North Carolina!).
Vietnam era River Boat

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

24 weeks and a North Carolina beach wedding!

Sorry I missed last week's picture, but we were just too busy preparing for our North Carolina trip - what a difference two weeks make to the baby bump!!

Bridesmaid Kimberly, Bridesmaid Cassie, Bride Jessica, Bridesmaid Vanessa

Brent and I traveled back to North Carolina this past weekend for Jessica & Alex Beardsley's wedding. I had the honor of being one of Jessica's bridesmaids. The wedding was in Nags Head at the Roanoke Aquarium and so much fun! We loved the rehearsal dinner food since we were treated to some NC barbeque! Jessica's colors were stunning - bridesmaids wore royal purple dresses and we all held yellow flowers. Jessica looked gorgeous in her dress and just seemed so happy all weekend! Everything was beautiful! Hope you're having a great time in Jamaica, Jessica and Alex!!!

Can you find me? I'll give you a hint... I'm short!
Dress was definitely purple, not sure why it looks blue here!!
 Brent flew home Sunday to get back to the ESPN grind. I was able to stay in the Raleigh area until Tuesday to visit with some friends (and their babies!!), my parents and of course little Mia. 

She moves too fast - no way could I get a good shot of her!

Seahawks Monday Night Football!!

Did you see that game? I would think that even if you don't follow football you might have heard about the most talked about game thus far for Football Season 2012... and yeah, Brent was there for the Monday night, Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks on September 24th. He thought it was awesome.

He got to tour a few of the MNF busses - one whole bus is solely responsible for tracking the yellow "first down line" throughout the game. His tour took him out on the field as the players were warming up and for the filming of the pre-show. Brent saw some big names including Stuart Scott, Jerry Rice, Steve Young and Trent Dilfer. When it was time for him to make it to his seat, they walked him to the "player's elevator" and he was able to ride that up to the stadium seating level - 50 yard line, 22 rows up from the field.

One of his favorite moments from the night was stopping at the Metropolitan Grill after the game and seeing Marshawn Lynch walk in with his family. Someone had shouted out, "Hey Marshawn, who caught that last ball?" He turned around, winked, calmly replied "No comment" and continued on his way. Who cares! Seattle won!!!