Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby Activities

Brock is thrilled with his new Baby Einstein activity mat - something new to look at and play with!! What fun!! All the little hangy things to reach for and make them move!!
Also perfect for some tummy time.... or some sleepy tummy time.

And we're enjoying our walks in the stroller... even if it is only 45 degrees out...

But we love our swing... perfect for nap times. :)

And yes, we're losing our hair - what about it?? 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy One Month Brock!

For Daddy
Our little guy is one month old today! What a difference one month makes! He's gotten bigger and taller and his face has filled out - he still has those adorable cheeks. He can hold his head up 90% of the time and has just started to smile in the last day or so. He's starting to tolerate his baths a bit more too! We're getting used to diaper changes with a boy - poor Brent has been "hit" more times than I have. When Brock is awake, he really is quite alert and looks intently at objects and walls, especially our ceiling fan. When you talk to him, he stares into your eyes. Brock has also found his tongue and loves sticking it in and out. And Diesel and Oscar are ignoring his cries a little more now too - although Diesel is definitely more worried about him than the Pit Bull.
For Grandpa and the other non-UNC fans :)
This morning, in his PJs looking intently at our headboard

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Growth Spurt

My 32nd Birthday Carvel Ice Cream Cake!
Brock had a nice growth spurt this past weekend. Apparently he wanted to make sure that I am not taking for granted the fact that he is a good baby and can sleep, so he wanted to show me what a non-sleeper does..... it was awesome. Also awesome that it was the night before my birthday, so I was a little tired that day. I can't believe it's already February, let alone that my birthday was yesterday - time is FLYING!

But back to Brock - we think he's a good sleeper (for being 3 weeks old). Right now his sleep/awake schedule at night is up at 10-11pm, 12-1am, 5:30-6:30am, 9-10am. He eats pretty well - can take from a bottle as well as "the tap". He falls asleep in his crib no problem. I did cave and get a monitor - no video monitor, just sound though. Things are good - we found a schedule. I still don't have any time for me or to do more than a few loads of laundry a day, but I think I've accepted that now. :)  He's just getting bigger before our eyes and his cheeks are just too cute. Brent and I love our little guy!
Sleeping on Daddy

"Hey there!" :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

First Family Picture

Since tomorrow is my birthday, Brent and I went out to dinner tonight to celebrate - also because we happen to have an awesome built in babysitter for two more days. We were all dolled up for an early dinner, so we had to pose for a family picture! It's actually our first family picture! Don't we look good? :) Brock was a good boy too - he slept right through it!

And of course I have to add a few more pictures of Baby Brock. Just love this kid. :)

White sweater made by my Grandmother Lillian for me when I was a baby
Flexing his muscles :)
Brock checking out this thing that my mother got..... she said it's a bird or a ladybug. I said it looks like some sort of scary clown and if it gives him nightmares, she can pay for counseling... nevertheless, he was staring at it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


We're trying to get on a schedule now. It's sooo hard!! By the time I'm done with a feeding and then go pump and get him changed and then do one other thing in the house, it's time to start all over again! Where does the time go??? I have to schedule my naps... "okay, after this feed, I'm taking a nap!"
He LOVES his swing from Great Aunt Carol! And we love it too because he usually falls asleep!!
It's been a little better since my mom is in town to help. She takes one night shift which has been a huge help to us to get caught back up on our sleep.
First time holding her first Grandchild
Every day is a little better.... and we have to give ourselves a little break - Brock is only two weeks old!! But things are going pretty good. He's an excellent sucker... and biter. He does not like being cold and cries when he gets his diaper changed. Brock is a good baby besides that though - he sleeps for at least 4-5 hour stretches in the nighttime and that has been wonderful! If you leave him in the pack & play for too long, he does get a little fussy - he just wants to be held and be part of the action. :) He is calmed to our voices when we start talking to him - seems like he's actually concentrating on what we're saying - it's very cute! Brent and I are loving being parents so far. Yes, we're tired, but he's so worth it!

"Why, yes I am 'Mommy's Major Hunk'"

He sleeps so nicely :)