Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Brent!!

Brent turned the big 4-0 this weekend. I don't think he was really looking forward to it.

Brock and I went to lunch with Brent earlier this week. It was nice to spend some time with Brent during his busy work day and I know Brent likes showing off his handsome big guy to his work people. Brock also got another sampler of Disney paraphernalia. Yup, he likes it - he'll be ready for Disney World in no time! (Yeah...and ESPN paraphernalia too)
Eating and watching Walt

Had to take a picture with Goofy!!
 Saturday night we went out to Maggiano's and used the last of the gift card from my Dad (Thanks! That lasted for 3 dinners!!) Then we went home and opened presents and had Carvel ice cream cake. Brock was super excited to see his daddy rip up some paper and then stare at the fire on top of the birthday cake. I don't know.... the way Brock has been eyeing food and watching us eat... I think he's just about ready to start eating some solids himself!
"I want a piece too!!"

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy First Mother's Day

Scenic Seattle in the background
We had a wonderful weekend! We decided it was about time to enjoy some of the great things about Seattle with Brock, so on Saturday morning, we took the ferry to Bremerton. It was a lovely hour ride to Bremerton (Brent cut it a little close and we were the second to last car to JUST make the 10am ride) - a ride just long enough to walk around the ferry, give a bottle to Brock and change in to a clean diaper.
After a quick little brunch, we headed to the USS Turner Joy, a decommissioned destroyer from the Vietnam War era. Brent loved walking around the ship and reading the history from its time in battle, especially the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Apparently the ship has a resident too - making its home on the very highest perch on the boat (see picture below).

Brock & Brent before boarding the USS Turner Joy
Can you spot the Bald Eagle above?
Brent was too focused on safety than opening his eyes for the picture
After the ship, we walked around the Marina area and window shopped. Brock did pretty well on the day trip. He wasn't really feeling being turned towards us in the Baby Bjorn, but when we turned him to face out, he was a happy little boy. Guess he's not an infant anymore and wants to see the world!

We were all pretty pooped after our day, so stayed in the car on the ferry ride back and just relaxed. I think Brock liked it in the front seat with Daddy.

On Mother's Day Sunday, Brock surprised me with a dozen beautiful white roses, my favorite color. He's such a good little boy. I loved all the well-wishes from friends and family and it was a wonderful day just being happy that I was somebody's Mommy. I felt very blessed all day.  I love you Brock!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

March for Babies 2013

Today was a gorgeous day! Sun was shining and a beautiful 72 degrees! The entire Eason Family had a great time at the March for Babies walk! Diesel barked at the Seattle University mascot (Rudy the Redhawk) or tried to make friends with every other dog out there and Oscar shook from nerves until the walk started, then positioned himself directly between Diesel and the stroller throughout the walk. Brock slept or played with his hands and Brent and I enjoyed the sights of downtown Seattle, namely 2nd Avenue.

It was a beautiful day to keep Kensie in our thoughts. Brock was proud to walk for his sister too.

Upon crossing the bridge from Seattle, we were treated to a wonderful view of Mt. Rainier. Remember - Mt. Rainier is more than 50 miles away from Seattle - it's quite a big mountain!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

East Coast Trip - Part II

Brock is still fascinated by those ceiling fans
Our second stop on the east coast trip was Annapolis, Maryland to visit my brother Brian and his girlfriend Nancy. We had a great time! We saw all the work Brian has put in to his new house and got to explore downtown Annapolis. Fulfilling my tourist duties, I ordered the Maryland crabcakes at The Boat Yard Restaurant, and I agree with my brother - they were one of the best I ever had!

Brock also met his first cat. I think it was a little harder for him to watch than Diesel and Oscar (due to the size), but I think Brock is still a dog person (Sorry Nancy!). Haze wasn't sure about Brock either.... I think she just wanted her Mommy!
Nancy, Brock & Haze
Brock saying goodbye to Uncle Brian
Then it was time to leave Annapolis..... however didn't know it would be such a hassle. American Airlines ended up canceling our flight and since Brock and I were flying stand-by, we knew it would mean more hanging out at airports - we decided to rent a car and drive to Connecticut. So........ that meant Brock was able to add three more states to his East Coast trip!!

Aunt Marsha & Brock
We had a great time in Connecticut!! We stayed at Aunt Marsha's house because she has an entire room all set up as a nursery for her grandchildren. After 10 days of sleeping in the same room as Brock, it was nice to have my own room again! It was wonderful to see my aunts, uncles and cousins finally meet Brock. Brent scheduled a work trip in New York, so he was able to meet us there a day later. We were treated so well and had such fantastic food - Aunt Marsha even packed us dinner for the plane, featuring only the best meat and cheeses from Sorento's! We had a wonderful time and so happy it worked out well for Brock to meet everyone!

By the way, Brock was fussy for the hour and a half our flight was delayed taking off, but as soon as we were in the air, he slept the entire five hour flight.... only waking up again to eat as we landed. Once we arrived home, about midnight west coast time, he went straight to his crib and proceeded to sleep until 7am the next morning. Brock is an awesome little traveler! 
Aunt Beverly & Brock

Aunt Theresa & Brock

Vanessa, Brock, Thomas, & Melissa

Brock testing out Uncle Sam's peddle car

Uncle Wally (My Grandfather's brother), Brock & Brent