Friday, November 28, 2014

North Carolina in the Fall

On Wednesday, November 12th, Brock and I took the red eye back to North Carolina. Thank goodness for a wonderful lady who switched with me so I could get two seats for Brock and I (since this was the last trip with him officially as a "lap child").
Brian and Nancy were able to come up from Charlotte over the weekend and spend some time with their nephew too!
On Monday, my Dad took off the afternoon and took us to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh. Brock loved looking at all things "BIG!"

He was a little wary of the dinosaurs at first.

Watch out Dad - it's going to get your hat!!
 It didn't hurt to have Papa hold him way up high so he could give the dinosaur a belly rub!

The majority of the time was spent just hanging out at Grandma's house playing with Uncle Brian and Uncle David's old toys. This boy loves his trucks!
That scowl!

We did venture up to Chuck E. Cheese one morning and played some games and ate some pizza. (The pizza wasn't terrible...... or I was just really hungry)
Enjoying the show
Another "fine" food stop at Bojangles. Brock thoroughly enjoyed their ketchup.... I mean, their french fries. 
I was able to get in a dinner/playdate with Helen and Jill and their children - here they all are piled up on Ryan's kitchen helper stool (minus Nate who may need a few more months before he can do this too)!
Brock, Ryan and Alexandra
And lastly, one picture I snagged from the photo books of me when I was around Brock's age..... yup, we're related. ;)
Another really fun week in North Carolina. Unfortunately we won't be back until some time in the new year. We are staying home for Christmas this year.

Thanks for having us Mom! Brock already misses you and Mia!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Yes, I know. I'm a little late on this post. But please give me a little slack this time... I've been dealing with a toddler SOLO this weekend since Brent went hunting and I am JUST getting over a lovely little sinus cold.
Here's my little pumpkin on the front porch of our house. We went out a little early (6:15pm), and even though it was definitely dark out, it didn't seem like many houses had their lights on. We went to 3 houses (4 if you count the house that DID have their lights on, but no candy - hello people, it's Halloween etiquette!).

Brock did really well - he was too shy to say "trick or treat" after the door opened, but he always said thank you ("ee oh").

We returned home and left a little bowl of candy on the doorstep. The church where we meet for MOPS had a costume carnival that evening and I thought it would be more fun to hang out with Zoe than hang out at home watching Mom pass out candy.
Brock and I dressed up at MOPS the week before Halloween

I didn't get too many pictures here as Brock was a little clingy. They decorated the hallways, rooms and sanctuary (even had a bouncy house!), so it was a little overwhelming for my little boy.

They had games set up all over and as most of the games involved throwing something, Brock softened up. The game where Brock had to throw a hackie sack and knock over some cans was probably Brock's favorite.... followed by the game of the bean bag toss to make tic-tac-toe.

It was almost time to head home, but they were calling for the raffle to start in 5 minutes. We stayed and so very glad we did! The church gave away 3 prizes and we won one of them! $50 gift certificate to Cheesecake Factory and $30 to Regal Cinemas! What a treat for me! I've got a date with my awesome husband and Jennifer Lawrence the weekend of November 21st! ;)