Thursday, February 19, 2015

21 Week Ultrasound

The family went to see baby #2 yesterday! I think Brock was just as excited to see the baby on the tv as we were! :)

Everything looks great! Baby is tracking about 5 days ahead, but they didn't seem overly concerned about me having another big baby. Baby was very rambunctious! He wouldn't stay still at all and really made the ultrasound tech work hard to get all the measurements. Oh boy - another very active boy!!
At the end of the scan, baby had his leg right up over his head! You can see it in the 4D image as well.
Brock did a super job for his age. He watched the tech put the jelly on my belly and then was mesmerized as he saw the baby's "head and hair" up on the tv! Brock asked repeatedly "Toes? Toes? Toes?" I find it amazing that he really has been listening to me and knew that we were going to see the baby and see the baby's fingers and toes! (which is what I've been telling him all last week!) He watched for a good 15 minutes before he was done and wanted to read some of his books.

Here's a few more pictures from before the appointment started. He's pointing to the tv and then back to the baby.  I think it's going to take some getting used to (for all of us), but I think Brock will be a very good big brother. :)

Sometimes Brock gets confused and thinks he has a baby in his belly too!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Kelsey Creek Farm

A little hike from the parking lot to see the horses
On President's Day, Brock and I headed out to Kelsey Creek Farm in Bellevue. Another beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest - high of 62 degrees today while all my family on the east coast is freezing and getting buried in snow or freezing rain. We'll take it!
Kelsey Creek Farm is owned by the City of Bellevue and open every day free for children to walk around and explore - also on the property is a beautiful park and playground. The farm dates back to the 1930's.
How now brown cow?
Brock loved all the animals and the farm was the perfect size for him to walk around and see everything. He especially loved seeing where all the animals slept at night (aka the various barns).
Brock LOVED the chickens and roosters. Too bad we're having breaded chicken tonight.... hope it's not ruined for him. ;) Another mom was asking her child "what does the rooster say?" and Brock twirled around and said "Cock-a-doo!" He was so proud he knew the answer!

He liked looking at the rabbits too.

There was a really cool log cabin on the property too - built in 1888.

We reached the end of the farm's property when we came to the sheep. I tried to get a good shot of all the cool buildings.
Then we headed down the hill, across the bridge, to the playground. Crazy, but we saw quite a few kids in shorts and t-shirts!!

We had a really good morning and it is always nice to explore some place a little different. I love that the farm is really close (less than 15 minutes from our home), so we may be back!

Sorry Brock, no elephants though. (When we pulled up in the parking lot and I named a few animals we were going to see, he said "elephants too!")

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mid-February Sickies

Brock and I have been trading illnesses for the past several months, but now that I'm pregnant, my immune system doesn't seem to want to keep up... so I keep it far longer than this cutie. Thanks Brock and all your little germs!
Brock at the doctor's office with me - with his grape flavored "popsicle stick"
But at least we've been making the best of it. ;) The weather has been amazing for us. Little rain and relatively warm for this time of year - low 60's, high 50's - while the rest of the country is freezing and snowing!
Does he keep his eyes on the ball or what?
Is it possible we are getting too much sun? The locals here are getting worried for summer since there's no snow on the mountains to sustain our rivers and lakes through the summer when it melts. Different than I'm used to, but an interesting concern. Perhaps another really hot summer? Brock... you better get used to that sun!
No sun! No sun!
But we have had fun inside too of course - trying to rest off my sinus infection...
Brock enjoyed a lot of his new toys and some old favorites too!
Can't forget the book of the week.

This upcoming week will be so much fun. Firstly, I'm finally feeling better - yay!! Secondly, on Wednesday we go to our 21 week ultrasound with Brock. Brent and I are both really excited for Brock to see the baby. It will be great to see how much he's grown!