Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January Playdates and Outings

We love our playdates with our favorite friends! After all the sicknesses in our house, we were super glad to get out and play with our buddies! We are noticing these two cuties interacting much more than their older siblings did at their age - guess it helps when you are used to interacting with the first-born!

Last Wednesday we had a fun playdate at Discovery Playtown in Maple Valley. It's a cute little play area set up like a town with shops - vet clinic, fire station, grocery store, hair salon, and treehouse! (Because who doesn't have a treehouse with a slide in the middle of their town!)

I told Kade to put the bandaid on the bunny rabbit - so he literally put it on top of the rabbit. :)

Kade liked watching himself in the mirror comb his hair.

Look at these cuties playing firefighters!

I had a lovely lunchdate at Panera with the boys - and Brock was genuinely happy - he was waiting very patiently for his rainbow chip cookie and just ready for me to be done taking pictures!

And then there was that day that Brent attended a convention all day in downtown Seattle and I needed a little pick-me-up..... I also love that this picture totally encapsulates Seattle with the rainy windshield, cloudy skies (46 degrees), evergreens in the distance, and Starbucks in the forefront. ;)

On Friday, I had big plans to head to the Seattle Aquarium since we have never been, but Brent reminded me that there could be problems there with protests.... so we stayed on the Eastside (east of Lake Washington).

Issaquah is the home of a relatively new play area - JusPlay - and I'm bummed we haven't been here before! It's way better than Wiggleworks (and closer too)!!
This was the baby section that Kade stayed in for 90 seconds
Brock's favorite was the ball zone - fill the different buckets with the balls and they would shoot out the top or fall out of a basket. He was on a mission to fill them all up! Kade was a good hoarder and would hold about five balls, under his chin/arm/whatever! Too funny!

No hands!!
And a ball pit!! Kade tried copying Brock by "jumping" off the step into the ball pit too!

And then there was this contraption in the middle that Brock loved to climb and Kade loved to circle!

Here's a cute video of Kade's "stroll" on the moving inflatable. He so enjoyed himself just going around and around and around! Funny guy!

Such a delight seeing them play so nicely together!

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