Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January Playdates and Outings

We love our playdates with our favorite friends! After all the sicknesses in our house, we were super glad to get out and play with our buddies! We are noticing these two cuties interacting much more than their older siblings did at their age - guess it helps when you are used to interacting with the first-born!

Last Wednesday we had a fun playdate at Discovery Playtown in Maple Valley. It's a cute little play area set up like a town with shops - vet clinic, fire station, grocery store, hair salon, and treehouse! (Because who doesn't have a treehouse with a slide in the middle of their town!)

I told Kade to put the bandaid on the bunny rabbit - so he literally put it on top of the rabbit. :)

Kade liked watching himself in the mirror comb his hair.

Look at these cuties playing firefighters!

I had a lovely lunchdate at Panera with the boys - and Brock was genuinely happy - he was waiting very patiently for his rainbow chip cookie and just ready for me to be done taking pictures!

And then there was that day that Brent attended a convention all day in downtown Seattle and I needed a little pick-me-up..... I also love that this picture totally encapsulates Seattle with the rainy windshield, cloudy skies (46 degrees), evergreens in the distance, and Starbucks in the forefront. ;)

On Friday, I had big plans to head to the Seattle Aquarium since we have never been, but Brent reminded me that there could be problems there with protests.... so we stayed on the Eastside (east of Lake Washington).

Issaquah is the home of a relatively new play area - JusPlay - and I'm bummed we haven't been here before! It's way better than Wiggleworks (and closer too)!!
This was the baby section that Kade stayed in for 90 seconds
Brock's favorite was the ball zone - fill the different buckets with the balls and they would shoot out the top or fall out of a basket. He was on a mission to fill them all up! Kade was a good hoarder and would hold about five balls, under his chin/arm/whatever! Too funny!

No hands!!
And a ball pit!! Kade tried copying Brock by "jumping" off the step into the ball pit too!

And then there was this contraption in the middle that Brock loved to climb and Kade loved to circle!

Here's a cute video of Kade's "stroll" on the moving inflatable. He so enjoyed himself just going around and around and around! Funny guy!

Such a delight seeing them play so nicely together!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016 was upon us again! (How fast December goes!) Santa (& lots of family) delivered lots of presents to our home for the Eason family!

Oscar was feeling overly photographic that evening posing in front of the Christmas tree!

And then it was Christmas morning! Here's a cute video of the boys coming down the stairs!

We were all in different stages of being sick - I was on the mend of a 3 week illness, but poor Kade had just started being uber sick - which wouldn't be confirmed as an ear infection until the next day. He was such a trooper that day - I know it was a lot - you can totally see his face is just lacking that happy baby grin he usually has!

Brock wanted to hold hands for the picture, but Kade was having none of it.
 The Eason family rule - you get to open one present of your choice before breakfast - then the rest will wait until after we eat. Brock's first present was the Playskool Millennium Falcon.

I love his little tongue sticking out while he concentrates on his unwrapping.

Brock's favorite new pajamas - Star Wars Hanna Anderssons! ;)

The big hit of the day was Papa's gift - the bug vacuum (and all the bug equipment at that)! What an awesome "mistake" to purchase two - one for each boy - it was something they definitely would have fought over! ;)

Yup, Brent was excited about his new drill bits. It looks like Brock was too!

Kade was my bow hoarder!

Here's another cute movie of the boys unwrapping extravaganza!!

We love our Little People set! And what a cool set with a huge elephant from Great-Aunt Carol and Great-Uncle Jeff!

Uncle Brian & Aunt Nancy - that Mr. Potato Head is very cool! The boys love making faces and I love that it makes for easy clean-up with its own bin! ;)

Brock was really a great big brother that morning - helping Kade open his presents, but not completely taking over!

Grandma was in town as well! I know she loved being able to watch the boys open their presents in person!

The rest of the week was spent playing with the oodles of presents we received from Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, and Cousins!! These are some well-loved boys!

Brock thoroughly enjoys this "build it yourself toy" from Grandpa and Grammy! What a valuable life lesson learning "Leftie Loosie, Rightie Tightie"!!

Thank you Aunt Katherin for this very noisy gift! ;)
He is super cute when he plays it. Brock loves it too.... but he's a little rougher than Kade. ;) Here's another cute video!

Aunt Carol and Uncle Jeff were in town for Hanukkah visiting Andrew, Lauren and Ara in Kirkland! We were able to enjoy dinner with them right before they headed off to the airport! (We had to give the littles some time to get over their ear infections. Yup - BOTH had ear infections over the holidays!) :(

Not easy taking a picture with this many people... and this many young people! But we did it! Yay for family!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Goose Hunting on Moses Lake

Guest Author: Brent M. Eason 

I took another trip to Moses Lake during a balmy 22 degree clear day. 6:00AM before the sun rises the crew has to put out the decoys and wait for the geese to come. Above picture was taken at 7am as the sun was rising. 

My view from the blind
The geese showed up shortly after that and I personally bagged six with my trusty Benelli, the camouflaged shotgun. There were two father and son teams that day and it made me think about taking Brock and Kade someday. 

Here was the day's catch.  

This ends my career goose hunting in Washington state - this doesn't exist in North Carolina and the season is over here in WA (technically Jan 31st, but the pass has been closed all week with no opening date in sight).

Snow and Cookies!

 December was cold! We had a few days of flurries! Grandma saw snow while she was here during Christmas too!!

Nice and warm inside while we all watch the snow fall!

Oh hey look! The TV is on! 

Husky was loving playing in the snow.... even if it was just a little bit!

Kade liked the fact he made footprints, but when I tried to get him to touch it - NO WAY!

The Monday before Christmas, the boys made Christmas cookies during the Mom's group at St. Margaret's. I think Kade is like me and does not care for the taste of gingerbread - Brock, however, ate his entire cookie - frosting and gingerbread!

Sorry world - I was not feeling 100% this week, so fixing Brock's bed head was low on the totem pole of things to battle.

 My two little boys are really loving on each other. (And probably because of that, we all shared the bug that went around the house)

Totally blurry because even though they're "still", they're still moving!! Kade lays down on his belly to play with his toys sometimes and I think it's the cutest thing! Here he is copying big brother laying on his belly to watch tablet.

And finally one more of Brent and his mini-me!